Hefei won the first place in the assessment of drug safety in Anhui Province
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  Recently, the Office of the Anhui Provincial Drug Safety Commission announced the results of the province’s 2020 drug safety work assessment. The comprehensive score of Hefei’s drug safety work ranks first in the province, and the assessment rank is A-level.
   In the past year, the Hefei Municipal Party Committee and Government has attached great importance to drug safety work and insisted on high-level promotion. It established Hefei Pharmaceuticals with the mayor as the director, the deputy mayor in charge as the deputy director, and 22 related department responsible comrades as members. The Safety Committee coordinates the advancement of various work on drug safety.
   The city’s drug regulatory system conscientiously implements the”four most stringent” requirements and highlights the key points of supervision, with”drug safety spring breeze action”, cosmetics”online net and offline clean source special action”, and medical device”net clearing action” As a starting point, we have comprehensively strengthened the daily supervision of the production and circulation of drugs and cosmetics, vaccine storage and transportation, and the operation and use of medical devices. We have made every effort to ensure the quality and safety of medical equipment for epidemic prevention and control, and kept the bottom line of drug safety. Drug safety incidents at the above levels have maintained a stable and positive situation of drug safety.
   In 2020, the city has overfulfilled 918 batches of drug supervision and sampling tasks determined at the beginning of the year, and completed 494 batches of drug inspection work that should be undertaken by the Hefei Food and Drug Inspection Center in high quality; a total of”two products and one tool” complaints and reports were accepted 645 cases were transferred on time, handled quickly, and provided timely feedback. The disposal rate was as high as 100%. 20 cases involving drug and device chemicals were handled, and a fine of more than 1.77 million yuan was collected. A total of 14 generic drugs were approved for conformity evaluation. The five varieties of Baker and Jinchen have realized the rewards and subsidies of 27 million yuan, and the number of studies, declarations, rewards and subsidies in the city’s generic drug consistency evaluation, and the amount of rewards and subsidies are all ranked first in the province.
   In 2021, Hefei will conscientiously implement the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Jinping and the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and will not relax the quality supervision of medical equipment used for epidemic prevention and control, and continue to crack down on all kinds of drugs The high-pressure situation of safety, illegal and criminal activities, resolutely build a strong line of defense for drug safety, and earnestly safeguard the lives and health of the people, and greet the centennial of the founding of the party with outstanding achievements.