Hefei Lujiang County Market Supervision Bureau launches special inspections of milk tea and burger restaurants
By: Date: 2021-04-19 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,
   With the gradual rise in temperature, the sales of milk tea, hamburgers and other products produced and sold on the spot have greatly increased, and the food safety situation is more worthy of attention. Recently, the Longqiao Market Supervision Office of the Market Supervision Bureau of Lujiang County, Hefei carried out special law enforcement inspections on the on-site food production and sales industries such as milk tea, burgers, and bakeries in its jurisdiction.
   This inspection highlights whether the certificates are complete, whether the employees hold valid health certificates; whether the operating room and dining area are clean and tidy; whether food additives are added in violation of regulations, and whether food ingredients such as milk powder, tea, chicken steak, etc. have exceeded their shelf life.
   This time, a total of 9 milk tea and bakery business operators were inspected, 2 were ordered to rectify in writing, and 3 households were investigated and dealt with illegal activities such as using food ingredients with labels that did not conform to the regulations during the production and sales process.
  In the next stage, the Longqiao City Supervision Office will”look back” from time to time on the problems found in this inspection, to encourage the on-site manufacturing and sales industry to regulate operations and eliminate hidden food safety hazards.