Harmonious coexistence, sustainable future-Chairman Song Shuyu pointed out that China’s wine industry should open new chapters, cultivate opportunities, compose new chapters, and create new brilliance
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   Spring flowers bloom again, and the wine city welcomes guests. On April 9, the 16th China International Wine Expo was grandly opened at Luzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Song Shuyu, chairman of the China Liquor Industry Association, delivered an important speech on the theme of”Harmonious Coexistence and Sustainable Future” at the opening ceremony, which attracted great attention from the guests and people from all walks of life.
  ”The sky does not speak at all, but the earth does not speak at all. The 13th Five-Year Plan comes to a perfect conclusion, and the 14th Five-Year Plan has already been developed. The past five years have been for all people in the wine industry. The five years in the field are even more rewarding five years.” Chairman Song Shuyu said in the opening speech.
  In view of the past five years, Chairman Song Shuyu concluded:
  In the past five years, the Chinese wine industry has undergone in-depth adjustments and has entered a recovery growth. While fully satisfying the people’s demand for fine wine for a better life, it has achieved gratifying results;
  In the past five years, alcohol consumption has shown personalized, diversified, and quality development, alcohol marketing innovation, channel reform, and digitalization and informationization trends;
  In the past five years, although the wine production and sales have been declining year by year, the concentration of the wine market has steadily increased, achieving both revenue and profit growth;
  In the past five years, China’s wine industry has experienced steady economic development, continuous optimization of the industrial structure, orderly release of market vitality, effective transformation of technological innovation momentum, and steady improvement in product quality. The quality and resilience of development have been significantly enhanced, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the wine industry.
   Song Shuyu, chairman of the board, emphasized that all the past is a prologue. The”Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” requires reconsideration, and the”14th Five-Year Plan” must set sail. Build dreams and move forward, and the course will be clear. For the wine industry in the new era, this direction is high-quality development, and the goal of high-quality development is to achieve sustainable development of the industry.
   Chairman Song Shuyu analyzed and pointed out that the current social structure is undergoing changes, and the demographic dividend that has supported our rapid development for more than half a century is about to become history. Ecological, digital, and intelligent have become new driving forces for economic development. This is the general trend of historical progress. The river flows down from the middle of the mountain, and the green hills move on both sides. The wine industry is in such an era. Only by taking advantage of the trend can it make a difference. China’s wine industry needs to have insight into the development trend of the world’s wine industry, and more importantly, the “national situation”. Following the national policy, we should seize new opportunities, set new coordinates, develop new ideas, formulate a road map for the first year, make plans and then move forward. Good game, find a new chapter.
  The new and the old are pushed together, and the life is not stagnant every day. The brewing of fine wine is the product of respecting the heavens and the creation of the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Although the accumulation of thousands of years has given us the confidence to foresee the future, the times are in order and development is endless. Adhere to the axis and hold the Jun, give a general outline and ten thousand eyes. For the wine industry in the new era, this outline is ecology.
  To protect the ecology and the people’s livelihood, we must not only ecological beauty, but also the prosperity of the people. The party and the country’s major judgments on the new stage of development have pointed out the historical position of my country’s development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period and beyond, putting the governance of the ecological environment in a larger pattern, especially the achievement of a carbon peak in 2030. , Achieving the goal of carbon neutrality in 2060 is not only a tough battle, but also a big test, and it is a higher requirement for the development of the wine industry in the new era.
  ”There are a large number of creatures of earth power, and there is a limit to what can be accomplished by manpower. If you take it with a degree, if you use it with a section, you will always have enough; if you take it with no degree, you can use it indiscriminately, and you will often be insufficient.” Picking up the historical telescope, we will find that Chinese traditional culture has a wealth of expositions on how people and nature live in harmony. The passage in the”Zhizhitongjian” puts forward the concept of limited resources, saving first and sustainable development. For the sustainable development of the wine industry, we must first resolve the contradiction of”the natural resources are sometimes, but the land produces limited wealth”, and achieve the goal of ecological environment balance and the simultaneous development of economic and social benefits. The so-called standing tall and long-term, the so-called sustainable development, we must calculate the big, long-term, overall, and comprehensive accounts. The fundamental interest of the wine industry is to respect time, that is, to respect nature and guard the years. People live up to the green hills, and green hills will definitely live up to me. Therefore, the natural ecology and the wine-making micro-ecology are not only the quality supporting force of the product, but also the root force for the survival of the wine industry, and the original force for the sustainable development of the wine industry.
  The wheels of history are rolling forward, and the trend of the times is vast. The new era has come. Standing at the historical intersection of the”two centuries”, the holding of this wine expo has the significance of the times to carry forward the past and open the future. It is necessary to grasp the context of the development of the world wine industry and play a key role in linking the past and the future. , Lay a solid foundation and enrich the driving force for the sustainable development of the world wine industry.
   Finally, Chairman Song Shuyu pointed out that the China International Wine Expo has been established for 16 years. It has played an important role in providing a world wine display platform and promoting the development of the international wine industry. People’s yearning for beautiful things is unstoppable by any force! The beauty of fine wines requires only the taste of discovering fine wines. Knowing what has passed, Fang Ming has gone. The world’s fine wines are the crystallization of the wisdom of human civilizations that grow and accompany each other. They are rooted in the same family, fragrant and beautiful, with different sources but the same way, symbiosis and inclusiveness.
   Looking forward to the future, Chairman Song Shuyu hopes that everyone will continue the spirit of the brewers, inspire the spirit of marching on a new journey, forge ahead in a new era, and show new deeds in the new era. Be down-to-earth and take the first step. Open a new game, cultivate opportunities, compose new chapters, create new brilliance, and create a sustainable future for the wine industry!