Happy! A gang that produces and sells fake wine is destroyed!
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   Friends who often surf the Internet must be familiar with this Internet phrase-“Did you drink fake alcohol?” Although it is just a”snake” sentence,”怼” sentence, but the editor would like to remind everyone of fake alcohol. Never buy it! Can’t drink!
   It is illegal to make and sell fake wine, and drinking fake wine can cause great harm to people’s health. Cracking down on the production and sale of counterfeit liquor has always been one of the key tasks of our market supervision guards. No, they have done a big deal with the Municipal Public Security Bureau recently! What is going on? You’ll know when you read it!
   Recently, the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment of Wuhu City Market Supervision Administration and Wuhu City Public Security Bureau consolidated the Internet in Wuhu, Hefei and other places and successfully cracked down on a criminal gang that produced and sold fake liquor. It is reported that before the gang members were arrested, they had formed a complete chain of production and processing, vehicle transportation, and secret sales.
   In this operation, the detachment dispatched a total of 30 law enforcement officers, investigated and dealt with 2 sales stores, cooperated with the public security to destroy 2 production fake dimples, and seized a large number of counterfeit”Moutai”,”Gujing”,”Kouzijiao”,”Jiannanchun” and other brand liquors. As well as various packaging materials and production tools, more than 300,000 yuan worth of illegal products was obtained on site.
   It is reported that the investigation of this case originated from an important case clue obtained by the law enforcement detachment when sorting out the source of the previous case. Due to the serious circumstances of the case, the detachment promptly reported clues to the Municipal Public Security Bureau. The two parties integrated law enforcement resources, established a special case team, and carried out joint case handling. The task force analyzed and judged the case, gradually figured out the trajectory of the people involved in the case, and worked out a thorough action plan, choosing the right time to destroy it in one fell swoop.
   Under the unified command of the task force, the detachment organized law enforcement officers and the police to form 5 action groups, of which 2 groups went to Hefei to destroy production sites; 1 group squatted and tracked counterfeit wine transport vehicles; 2 groups went straight to the store to lock Evidence of fake liquor sales.
   After working together and fighting all night, the 4 suspects were arrested that night. This action effectively cracked down on the arrogance of criminals in making and selling fakes, and once again demonstrated the powerful force of the”convergence of execution” mechanism in the investigation of trademark infringements. Currently, the case is being further processed.