Hanyuan County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Ya’an City continues to carry out special clean-up and rectification of the health food industry
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   Recently, Hanyuan County Market Supervision Bureau continued to carry out special clean-up and rectification of the health food industry around illegal production and operation, fraud and false propaganda, illegal advertising and other outstanding issues in the health food field, effectively improving the quality and safety of health food in the county.

  This special rectification focuses on large and medium-sized supermarkets, pharmacies, and maternal and child stores in Fulin, Jiuxiang, Tangjia, Fuquan and other places, focusing on inspections of the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures of business households, main business qualifications, and certification and ticketing , Purchase and sales ledger, advertising and publicity, etc., require all business units to strengthen industry self-discipline, effectively implement the main responsibility for food safety and epidemic prevention and control, standardize health food labels and signs, implement special counter sales, set up consumption reminders, and comply with laws and regulations Operating.
   Up to now, 35 operating units have been inspected and one problem has been found. The operators have been urged to complete the rectification in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations.