Hangzhou Xiaoshan:Are the Qingming Kueh you bought qualified? The latest sampling results are released
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  ”Festival Qingming peaches and plums laugh, but no fields and burial mounds are only sorrowful” is another year of Qingming. During festivals, seasonal food is indispensable, so, can you buy it with peace of mind?

   In order to ensure food safety during Qingming Festival in the whole district, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Market Supervision Bureau actively deployed and carried out special supervision and random inspection of Qingming Kueh.

How is   ? Follow the editor to have a look.

  Sampling details

   This sampling was conducted at China Resources Vanguard Supermarket (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Xiaoshao Road Store, Zhejiang Sanjiang Shopping Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Yinong Branch, Hangzhou Lianhua Chinese Commercial Eight supermarkets including Xiaoran East Road Store of Group Co., Ltd., Xiaoshan Shopping Center Branch of Zhejiang Huidelong Industrial Group Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Xiaoshan Xinlang Trading Co., Ltd. collected 11 batches of Qingming Kueh products of various flavors. After inspection, 10 batches were qualified and 1 batch was unqualified. The unqualified items were dehydroacetic acid and its sodium salt items that did not meet the standard requirements.

  Next, Xiaoshan Market Supervision Bureau will take corresponding measures on substandard products based on the results of supervision and spot checks, investigate and deal with them in accordance with the law, and prevent them from continuing to be in the market We will further increase the frequency of random inspections of food in the circulation and production areas, expand the scope of random inspections, strengthen food safety supervision, and create a safe and assured consumption environment for the people.

   Then, what should I pay attention to when eating, making and buying Qingming Kueh?

  The editor here attaches consumer tips for you

  Consumption Tips

  Traditional cuisine standardization, the key points of purchase should be kept in mind

  The advancement of science and technology has transformed hand-made youth groups into standardized production, making it possible to enjoy youth group food anytime, anywhere. Consumers should pay attention to the following points when purchasing.

   One is to choose regular business channels such as supermarkets and shopping malls. Do not buy from unlicensed units.

   The second is to view product information. Check the label, ingredient list and manufacturer, food production license number (“SC” mark) and product standard code and other information are complete. Do not purchase products with incomplete information, unclear information, or signs of tampering. There should be no air leakage or bag breakage in the ready-to-eat youth group at room temperature.

   The third is to pay attention to the product shelf life and storage conditions. According to personal needs, choose a suitable product type, and do not buy or consume expired youth groups. It is better to choose the youth group with a strong fragrance and natural oily green color. It is not recommended to buy those that are blue, black or too bright in color.

  home-made should be appropriate, and reasonable storage is important< /strong>

   One is when making noodles, in addition to glutinous rice flour, an appropriate amount of orange flour (wheat starch) or rice flour can be added. It not only facilitates the formation of the youth group, but also improves the toughness of the youth group when chewing.

  Second, the filling should be made and used now, and should not be stored for too long. Many innovative flavor fillings have a short shelf life and long storage time, which is prone to mold or spoilage.

  The third is to try to eat immediately and avoid large quantities and long-term storage. For short-term storage, put it in a fresh-keeping bag, tie the mouth of the bag tightly, and then put it in the refrigerator. It can be stored for a longer period of time and can be kept frozen, and it is best to eat it within 1 month.

  The fourth is Qingtuan stored at low temperature, heated in a steamer and eaten. Pay attention to controlling the heating time. If a microwave oven is used for reheating, it should be heated for a short time at medium to high heat. If the heating time is too long, the Qingtuan will easily collapse, the skin will crack, and the filling will flow out, which will affect the eating quality.

  Eating youth groups is greedy, special groups need to pay attention

Although    Qingtuan is delicious, the elderly, children, and people with poor digestive functions should eat it in moderation. Qingtuan fillings are often high in sugar, high fat, high calories, and sticky in texture, so you should eat slowly and avoid choking. Children should eat under adult supervision. Consumers who are allergic to certain foods should check the list of ingredients and allergen reminders on the label when purchasing, and choose the appropriate variety to prevent the intake of allergens. Consumers can mix some vegetables, fruits, soups, teas, etc. when eating Qingtuan to help digestion, relieve greasiness and balance nutrition.

  The epidemic prevention and control are not lax, and food safety is always in mind

   is still in a special period of epidemic prevention and control. When entering supermarkets, shopping malls and other places with relatively dense populations, you must wear masks and comply with local epidemic prevention and control requirements. It is recommended to go out less and eat at home as much as possible. Promote the use of public chopsticks and spoons, and encourage sharing of meals. Cherish food and avoid waste. When processing food ingredients, keep in mind the “five key points of food safety” put forward by the World Health Organization (WHO), that is, keep clean (wash your hands frequently, clean the kitchen), separate raw and cooked food, cook food thoroughly, and keep it at a safe temperature. Preserve food, use safe water and food ingredients.