Handan Jize County Market Supervision Bureau takes multiple measures to strengthen pork product market supervision
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   In order to further strengthen the supervision of the pork product market and ensure that the people can eat”safe meat”, Handan Jize County has taken various measures to strengthen the supervision of the pork product market.
  Be brave to look for gaps, and ensure the quality and safety of pork. Strengthen the sense of responsibility, take the initiative, comprehensively find the weak links in the supervision of pork product quality and safety, and carefully formulate corrective measures.
   Strictly check the numbers and standardize the order of pork business. Carry out a comprehensive and detailed market investigation in the jurisdiction, thoroughly figure out the bottom line, and register them one by one. Highlight the investigation and inspection of key places such as farmers’ markets, wholesale markets, supermarkets, and pork sellers, strictly implement the purchase inspection record system, and further regulate the operation of the pork market.
   Attach importance to collaboration and cohesion, and severely punish illegal and criminal acts. Strengthen the cooperation with relevant departments, form a joint force for law enforcement, and improve the effectiveness of supervision. Violations of laws and regulations discovered in the process of investigation shall be strictly investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law and exposed in a timely manner. Those suspected of crimes shall be transferred to the public security organs in accordance with the law to deter criminals.
  Sturdy mechanism to achieve long-term effects, and constantly improve supervision measures. Further strengthen the normalization and full-process supervision and inspection of key places such as farmer’s markets, wholesale markets, supermarkets, and pork sellers, actively guide market owners and pork operators to operate in good faith and abiding by the law, and strictly implement various systems such as purchase inspection and acceptance. Provide mechanism guarantee to ensure pork quality.
   As of now, a total of 1 wholesale market, 25 supermarkets (times), and 50 pork sellers (times) have been investigated, and no problematic pork has been found.