Hand in hand, start! 2021 China International Wine Industry Development Forum lights up the”14th Five-Year Plan”
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   On April 9, at the same time as the 16th China International Wine Industry Expo, the 2021 China International Wine Industry Development Forum hosted by the China Wine Industry Association was successfully held. With the theme of”Hand in Hand, Beginning”, focusing on the industry’s greatest endogenous driving force-technological progress, reviewing and paying tribute to the scientific and technological contributions of the older generation of industry scientific and technological workers, demonstrating the current and future scientific and technological innovation orientation of liquor development, so as to consolidate associations and industry The district, government, and enterprises work together to open a new phase of the”14th Five-Year Plan”.
   Through 5 chapters of review, prospect, display, deployment, and cooperation, this forum systematically demonstrated the scientific and technological achievements of the wine industry, the innovation direction, and the ecology of the production area, reflecting the special attributes of the industry’s”traditional empowerment + technological support”, and Greet the new future of the industry through the release of the guidance of the China Liquor Industry Association + the creative form jointly launched. More than 300 people from government leaders, industry experts, well-known scholars, representatives of production areas, business leaders and news media attended the conference. This forum was hosted by He Yong, Secretary General of China Wine Industry.
   Song Shuyu, Chairman of the China Liquor Industry Association, issued the”Guiding Opinions on the Development of China’s Liquor Industry in the”14th Five-Year Plan””. The”Guiding Opinions” systematically summarized the achievements and situation facing the development of my country’s wine industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, outlined the strategic goals and main tasks for the development of the wine industry in the next five years, and put forward specific safeguards and policy recommendations .
  Song Shuyu interpreted the”Guiding Opinions” from the six key words of”stable”,”transformation”,”exploration”,”objective”,”task” and”recommendation”. Song Shuyu said that during the”Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, China’s wine industry will shift its mode and structure, gradually shift from being product-centric to market and consumption-centric, adapting to the rapid changes in market structure, and improving supply-side reforms, consumption upgrades, and the Internet. + And other new trends have achieved phased results. At present, our country is in the best period of development since modern times, and the world is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. Facing the”14th Five-Year Plan”, the wine industry must grasp the direction of change, adhere to the combination of goal-oriented and problem-oriented, adhere to the integration of integrity and innovation, seize the strategic opportunities of the new round of technology and industrial revolution, and adhere to new development concepts to lead development actions , Adhere to deepening the supply-side structural reform as the main line, develop the wine industry with high quality, and serve the people with a high level of good life.
  Wang Qi, executive director of the China Wine Industry Association, said in his speech that only innovation and development can follow and lead the trend of history, surpass oneself, reshape the pattern, and create a new industry height. The next frontier of China’s wine industry and even the Chinese economy lies in technological progress. The technological innovation of China’s wine industry must have a broader vision, a longer-term basis, and more in-depth research in order to achieve new breakthroughs in the technological development of China’s wine industry and serve the people’s livelihood. Society and make due contributions to the country’s innovation and development.
   Sun Baoguo, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, President of Beijing Technology and Business University, Wang Yancai, Honorary Chairman of China Liquor Industry Association, Zhang Wujiu, Chief Advisor of China Food and Fermentation Industry Research Institute, respectively sorted out the Chinese liquor industry before and after the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the past 10 years Science and technology development process and main achievements; Xu Yan, vice president and doctoral tutor of Jiangnan University, gave an outlook on the future direction and trend of liquor technology.
   The leaders of the production areas of Luzhou, Yibin, Suqian, Luliang, Shaoxing, etc. respectively showed the historical evolution, development achievements and future plans of the production areas from the perspective of the scientific and technological development achievements of the production areas.
  In this forum, associations, production areas, governments and enterprises have joined hands to open up a new pattern of the”14th Five-Year Plan” and create a new bright future for the wine industry.
  The main points of view of the guests
   Member of the Standing Committee of the Luzhou Municipal Party Committee, Executive Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government Feng An
   We always adhere to the traditional empowerment, carefully care for the natural wine-making treasures bestowed by God, adhere to the traditional brewing techniques and pure grain solid-state brewing.
  Under the new situation of digitization, internetization, intelligence, and ecologicalization, we will focus on accelerating the establishment of the province and Chengdu-Chongqing regional economic sub-centers, vigorously implement the three-product strategy of product adjustment, quality improvement, and brand cultivation, and strive to build the world Class-level high-quality liquor industry cluster, uniting the four parties of associations, producing areas, governments, and enterprises to jointly promote the healthy development of China’s liquor industry.
  Zhu Jiade, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology
   China has embarked on a new journey of building a modern socialist country. In this new stage of development, the development of the wine industry has also ushered in a rare historical opportunity.
   Sichuan Province will unswervingly implement the new development concepts of innovation, openness, coordination, greenness, and sharing, create a good environment for the development of the wine industry, focus on building the Sichuan wine brand, and accelerate the construction of the world’s high-quality liquor industry clusters. The high-quality development of the industry continues to meet the needs of the people for high-quality material and cultural life.
  Sun Baoguo, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of Beijing Technology and Business University
   Yellow wine and white wine is China’s national wine. Chinese rice wine has a history of more than 9,000 years, Chinese rice wine has a history of more than 7,000 years, and Chinese liquor has a history of more than 2,000 years. Chinese wine is unique in the world, but there is still a long way for Chinese wine to go to the world. Therefore, letting the world taste Chinese liquor and making liquor go to the world is the mission and wish of every one of us in the Chinese wine industry.
  Wang Yancai, Honorary Chairman of China Liquor Industry Association
   Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the development of baijiu technology, its transformation and promotion are beyond imagination. It can be said that the real driving force for the development of Chinese liquor is the progress of science and technology, which is the physical and intellectual dedication of many liquor science and technology workers.
  Today’s China International Wine Industry Development Forum is not only to sort out the endogenous driving force of industry development, but also to thank the contributions of several generations of industry science and technology workers. It also calls on the whole industry to learn science and use science to serve Chinese liquor. Create a better future in the new historical period.
  Chief Consultant of China Food and Fermentation Industry Research Institute Zhang Wujiu
   Baijiu is a summed up science.
  In my own definition, the liquor industry is an industry that uses controlled mass microbial metabolism in nature as its production technology, uses a complex flavor substance system as a means of display, and is produced through multi-stage special process processing and extraction. So there are five research directions, including reference to physiological metabolism, flavor direction, microbial direction, fermentation engineering direction, and information technology direction. These directions are deep and difficult. Chen Taosheng, the founder of modern chemistry and microbiology, said:”If anyone can thoroughly study the microorganisms in liquor, he can win the Nobel Prize.”
   CIS papers on liquor, 49 in the first ten years (2001-2010), but 300 in the next ten years (2011-2021); looking at patents, there were 323 patents in the first ten years, and in the last ten years 3000 per year, 10 times that of the previous ten years.
  Xu Yan, Vice President and Doctoral Supervisor of Jiangnan University
  As a traditional superior flavor food in my country, facing the future, it is necessary for all employees in the wine industry to enhance their technological confidence and in-depth research on the mystery of liquor.
   Baijiu technology innovation should be driven by the goal of human flavor perception and health; driven by the duality of”ecological brewing” and”intelligent brewing”; through flavor-oriented changes from flavor chemistry to”flavor perception” and ecological fermentation-oriented Three transitions from microbiome engineering to microbiome engineering and mechanization to intelligent manufacturing under the guidance of advanced manufacturing. To achieve the combination of”flavor and health dual orientation”,”cultural technology dual peaks”,”inheritance and innovation”,”domestic and foreign dual cycles”, and ultimately achieve high-quality development of the industry.