Guangzhou:Worried about pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits?”You send me inspection” activity to help you”inspect the goods” for free
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  Is there any pesticide residues in the vegetables and fruits I buy?
  Is there chloramphenicol in the aquatic products I buy?
  Is there any clenbuterol in the meat I bought?”
  In the face of consumers’ food safety questions, from April 8th to September 16, Guangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and Baiyun District Market Supervision Bureau set up inspection points in 24 farmer’s markets in Baiyun District in phases, free of charge for citizens Provide quick inspection service for edible agricultural products, come and join!
   On April 8, the first”Send Me Inspect” Edible Agricultural Products Free Inspection Event was held at Dongping Farmers Market in Baiyun District, and the event was set up on site.”Send Me Inspect” service area, food safety knowledge promotion area and salt identification study District,”inspect goods” for consumers on-site.
  In the event, many nearby residents actively learn about food safety knowledge, and brought fresh vegetables, meat and other edible agricultural products to the service area for testing.
   In the first event, more than 100 people consulted on food safety knowledge and learned salt identification methods, and received 35 batches of samples sent by the masses, including 21 batches of vegetables, 11 batches of poultry and livestock meat and by-products, and 3 batches of aquatic products. All qualified after testing.
   Many citizens said at the scene that they have deepened their knowledge and understanding of the quick inspection of edible agricultural products by participating in the”You Send Me Inspect” activity, and will pay more attention to the quick inspection of edible agricultural products in the farmer’s market in the future.
   In order to make every effort to control market access, give full play to the role of quick inspection and quick screening, and enhance the effectiveness of risk prevention and control of edible agricultural products in the farmer’s market, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau actively seeks financial support and introduces a number of third-party technical services through public bidding Institutions, exploring and implementing a new mode of rapid inspection of edible agricultural products based on self-inspection by market organizers, supplemented by guidance from third-party technical service institutions, and supervision and assessment by government departments, which effectively improved the accuracy and initiative of market self-inspection, and at the same time It also freed the supervisory department from the cumbersome”all-in-one” supervision model, and greatly improved the rapid inspection level of edible agricultural products in the city’s farmers market.
   Since 2019, Guangzhou has won the first place in the fast inspection assessment of edible agricultural products in the Guangdong Farmer’s Market for two consecutive years.
   At present, all the farmers’ markets (large supermarkets) within the scope of Guangzhou have implemented self-inspection, and the main varieties of”meat, vegetables, fish” and other large consumptions are subject to daily quick inspection, and the information on the test results is announced in time. The citizens’”food basket””Safety is effectively guaranteed.
  Data shows that in 2020, the city will deal with a total of 52,900 kilograms of unqualified edible agricultural products.
  How should citizens submit for inspection?
  Citizens can take the purchased vegetables, fruits, poultry meat, rice and other foods to the activity point for inspection. According to the testing requirements, each sample submitted for inspection must be more than 100 grams, and packed in a clean container, and the source of the sample must be provided. Citizens can go directly to the event location after purchasing food, and arrange inspection personnel to help take samples on site, which is simple and convenient.