Guangzhou Customs uncovered 1 billion online “water passenger” smuggling case
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   Recently, Guangzhou Customs eliminated four criminal gangs that smuggled milk powder through delivery channels. The case was worth about 1 billion yuan and 15 criminal suspects were arrested. All the main suspects were present.
   According to relevant clues, the Anti-Smuggling Bureau of Guangzhou Customs locked the smuggling gang to order milk powder through overseas websites, falsely reporting it as personal items, and transporting them into the country by post. In the clues for the upstream and downstream connections of smuggling gangs, the customs anti-smuggling police used the”smart anti-smuggling” system to conduct risk analysis and basically grasped the criminal facts of smuggling gangs.
  Guangzhou Customs and other fraternal customs have carried out unified investigations and arrests in Shanghai, Shaoxing, Wuhan, Changsha, Shenzhen and other places. At 9 a.m., in a cross-border e-commerce company in Wuhan, a suspect claimed that the cross-border e-commerce company he operated had no goods involved. The careful anti-smuggling police used the company’s internal information to determine that the company should have other warehouses. More than 170,000 cans of imported milk powder without legal compliance procedures were found in another warehouse.
   At present, the above-mentioned case is being further processed.