Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Market Supervision and Administration Bureau Food Safety Supervision Sampling Inspection Information Announcement (No. 46, 2021)
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   Recently, the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region organized sampling inspections of 85 batches of samples of three major categories of food, including processed grain products, edible agricultural products and meat products. According to the inspection and judgment of national food safety standards, one batch of unqualified samples (see appendix) was detected for the inspected items, and unqualified food additives were detected. The specific situation is announced as follows:
  1. The problem of unqualified food additives
  ”Fen Li”, dehydroacetic acid and its sodium salt sold by Wuxuan Ocean City Trading Co., Ltd. do not meet the requirements of national food safety standards. The inspection agency is:Product Quality Inspection and Research Institute of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
   2. Check and dispose of situation
   In response to the problems found in random inspections, the Market Supervision Administration of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has requested the local market supervision department to deal with the units involved in the production and business units involved in unqualified samples, and urge the inspection of the batch, quantity, Flow direction, recall substandard products, take measures such as removing the shelves to control risks, analyze the reasons for rectification, and investigate and deal with them in accordance with the law.
  Food safety consumption reminder:Consumers should buy the food they need through formal and reliable channels and keep the corresponding shopping voucher. They must read the relevant signs on the outer packaging, such as production date, shelf life, producer name and address, ingredients or ingredients Whether the signs such as the table and food production license number are complete and comply with the requirements of laws and regulations. Do not buy products without the factory name, factory address, production date, and shelf life, do not buy products beyond the shelf life, and do not buy published unqualified products. Consumers are welcome to actively participate in food safety supervision and pay attention to the announcement of food safety sampling information. If you find any unqualified food in this announcement on the market, please call the local complaint hotline 12315.
  Accessories:1. This inspection item
  2. Information on unqualified products in food safety supervision sampling
  3. Description of unqualified inspection items
   Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
   April 12, 2021
  Special statement:Food safety supervision and sampling inspection is guided by the discovery of problems and for the purpose of risk investigation. The organized food sampling inspection activities do not represent the overall quality and safety status of this type of food, but only the supervision of the random inspection batch of food Behavior; the purpose of this notice is to supervise food safety and accept social supervision. It can be reproduced on the whole page, and it is forbidden for others to take the meaning out of context and delete it at will.
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