Grasp the new requirements and embark on a new journey to promote the food safety work in Jiayuguan City during the 14th Five-Year Plan period to a good start
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   On the morning of April 1, Jiayuguan City organized the first plenary meeting of the Municipal Food Safety Committee in 2021 and the Working Conference on Creating a National Food Safety Demonstration City. Comrade Xu Jinli, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government, and Deputy Director of the Municipal Food Safety Commission, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.
   The meeting discussed the”Key Work Arrangements for Food Safety in Jiayuguan City in 2021″; summarized the city’s food safety work in 2020, and made arrangements for food safety work in 2021. The meeting also introduced the progress of our city’s work to create a national food safety demonstration city.
   Comrade Xu Jinli has increased his position, strengthened his responsibilities, and effectively strengthened the sense of urgency and responsibility to do a good job in food safety; clarify tasks, highlight key points, and make every effort to protect the people’s food consumption safety; strict accountability, implementation and hard work Create a new situation in the city’s food safety supervision work in three aspects, and put forward clear requirements for the further improvement of the city’s food safety work this year and the creation of a national food safety demonstration city.
   Comrade Xu Jinli pointed out that the mission of food safety is glorious and the task is arduous. We must work together, fulfill our duties, and work hard with a highly responsible attitude to the party and the people, to do a good job in food safety this year and continuously improve food safety. Guarantee level.
   Comrade Xu Jinli emphasized that this year is the beginning of the”14th Five-Year Plan” period. We must resolutely implement the”four most stringent” requirements put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping, improve political positions, strengthen accountability, and adhere to problem orientation. Pay close attention to key areas and weak links, continuously improve the level of supervision and management, and take pragmatic measures to do solid work and do a solid job of food safety. All departments must earnestly undertake the mission of ensuring food safety, strengthen the sense of urgency to do a good job in food safety work, and continuously promote the city’s food safety work to a higher level and level, and make every effort to ensure the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of the people.
   All members of the Municipal Food Safety Commission and the Municipal Headquarters for Creating National Food Safety Demonstration Cities attended the meeting.