Gongyi City launches special rectification of tea market order”Chunlei Tea”
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  Food Partner Network News In order to maintain the city’s tea market production and operation order and solve outstanding problems in tea production and operation, on the morning of April 8, Gongyi City Market Supervision and Administration held a”Chunlei Tea Protection””The special rectification action work promotion meeting arranged and deployed the work priorities and specific methods and steps of the city’s tea market order rectification, and emphasized the specific requirements of the special action. The Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade of the Market Supervision Bureau and the heads of various grassroots offices attended the meeting.
  This special rectification action will start on March 18 and last until the end of May. Two aspects of rectification work will be carried out throughout the city:one is to severely crack down on violations of laws and regulations in the tea market. Strictly investigate counterfeit tea of ​​origin, and illegally sell tea in violation of laws and regulations; strictly investigate acts of illegal printing, buying and selling of packaging with various quality marks, as well as acts of shoddy, short-selling, adulteration, and price fraud ; Strictly investigate Internet sales and advertising activities that violate laws and regulations; strictly investigate pesticide residues and heavy metals that do not meet quality standards, such as illegal activities that do not meet quality standards; strictly investigate illegal use of geographical indications and other quality marks and other illegal activities. The second is to standardize the supervision and management of the tea market. Regulate tea production and sales, regulate the use of quality marks such as registered trademarks and geographical indications, and regulate tea packaging labels. By carrying out special rectification, cracking down on illegal activities, forming a deterrent atmosphere, further purifying the business environment of the city’s tea market, and building a safe and secure consumption environment.
   In the next step, the Gongyi City Market Supervision Administration will comprehensively promote the”Chunlei” tea protection special rectification, earnestly implement the supervision responsibility, supervise the tea production and operation units to implement the main responsibility, and jointly manage to ensure that the special activities are effective and promote the city’s tea High-quality development of business activities. (Contributed by Gongyi Market Supervision Administration)