Global food prices continue to rise in March
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  Russian Interfax News Agency’s news on April 8th, data from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization showed that the food price index on the international market in March reached 118.5 points, an increase of 2.1%from the previous month, the tenth consecutive Months rose, reaching the highest level since June 2014. Among them, the vegetable oil price index increased by 8%month-on-month, which was the highest in the past ten years. The price of soybean oil increased the most, partly because the demand for biomass diesel producers was expected to be stable; the price index for dairy products increased by 3.9%, European supply decreased, and the public catering industry Demand growth driven by the recovery pushed up the price of butter, expanded imports in Asia, seasonal production shrinkage in Oceania, and the shortage of shipping containers in Europe and North America pushed up the price of milk powder; the meat price index rose by 2.3%, imports from China increased, and sales in Europe increased before Easter This is the main reason for the price increase of poultry meat and pork; although the food price index fell 1.8%month-on-month, it still increased by 26.5%year-on-year.