“Geographical Indication Product Ganzi Water Tao Tsampa Processing Technical Regulations” Sichuan Province (Ganzi Prefecture) local standards passed expert review
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  Recently, the Ganzi Prefecture Market Supervision and Administration Bureau organized and convened the Technical Regulations for Processing Geographical Indication Products Ganzi Water-Tasty Zanba, Sichuan Province (Ganzi Prefecture) Local Standard Technical Review Conference, from the Prefecture Economic and Information Bureau, Sichuan Nationalities Institute, and Eight experts from the Institute of Agricultural Sciences and other units participated in the review meeting.
   At the review meeting, the participating experts listened to a report on the local standard of the”Geographical Indication Product Garze Water Tao Zanba Processing Technical Regulations” and conducted a detailed review of the standard content sentence by sentence. After detailed discussions and inquiries and exchanges, the expert group believes that the content of the standard meets the requirements of relevant national laws, regulations and standards, and is scientific, applicable and maneuverable, and unanimously agrees to pass this review.
   The approval of the”Technical Regulations for the Processing of Geographical Indication Products Ganzi Shuitao Zanba” will further standardize the tsampa processing technology, promote the development of the processing industry, enhance product awareness and market competitiveness, and provide a powerful force for the sustainable and healthy development of the local economy Guaranteed.