Gao Weidong, Zhong Fangda and Ji Keliang offer suggestions for the high-quality development of Guizhou liquor
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   On April 16, the 2021 Guizhou Liquor Enterprise Development Roundtable, co-sponsored by Moutai Group and Guizhou Daily Contemporary Media Group, and co-sponsored by Xijiu Company and Guizhou Anjiu, was held in Guizhou Xishui Hotel. This year’s conference centered on the theme of”First-class products, first-class enterprises, first-class industries, first-class production areas—forging a new golden age for Guizhou liquor industry clusters”, discussing issues together, exchanging ideas, and helping the high-quality development of Guizhou liquor industry clusters. At the meeting, Gao Weidong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Kweichow Moutai Distillery (Group) Co., Ltd., Zhong Fangda, Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee of Xijiu Company, and Ji Keliang, Master Brewer and Chinese Wine Industry Leader, respectively delivered important speeches for the Guizhou liquor industry. Offer advice on the high-quality development of the company.
  As one of the initiators of the event, Chairman Gao Weidong brought Maotai’s path thinking on forging a new golden age of Guizhou liquor industry cluster at this meeting. It is hoped that through the platform of the roundtable, Guizhou liquor companies will continue to unleash the will of Guizhou liquor companies to grow together and catch up with the first-class, pass on the concept of the cluster development of Guizhou liquor superior industrial brands, and jointly build a strong synergy of the world’s sauce-flavor liquor core production areas.
   One is the development of Guizhou liquor, we must firmly grasp the opportunities of the times. I believe that with the growth and expansion of Guizhou, a world-class core production area of ​​sauce-flavored liquor, the functions of the production area will continue to improve, business operations will become more efficient, and the concept of win-win cooperation will become more popular. With the nourishment of the soil of the production area, it will definitely More outstanding enterprises and flagship brands will be born. At the same time, Moutai will also give full play to its leading advantages, continue to walk side by side with the brothers’ wine companies, firmly grasp the new opportunities in the new era, and make unremitting efforts for the high-quality development of the production area and the establishment of the Guizhou sauce and wine brand echelon.
   The second is to shape the brand of Qianjiu, and continue to strengthen its core advantages. For Guizhou liquor to continue to win the market, the key is to always maintain its core advantages and continuously consolidate and enhance its competitiveness in quality, ecology, and culture. Moutai is willing to work with you to enrich the connotation and extension of the concept of core production areas from the dimensions of origin, quality, brand and culture, comprehensively enhance the recognition of Guizhou’s”world core production area of ​​sauce-flavored liquor”, and further strengthen”Guizhou is the world’s high-quality sauce The concept of”origin of fragrant liquor”.
   The third is the expansion of the core production areas, and we must continue to gather and develop joint forces. Guizhou Liquor must earnestly shoulder the common mission of strengthening its own enterprises, building first-class production areas, and promoting the development of clusters, gather the development consensus of openness, inclusiveness, and win-win cooperation, and strive to achieve new achievements and achieve new development in the new era. In the next step, Moutai will focus on the strategic deployment of “playing the leading advantages of Kweichow Moutai and building a brand echelon of Guizhou sauce and wine” to drive more Guizhou outstanding liquor companies into the top 100 list, and continue to strengthen the comprehensive strength of the production area.
  As a tens of billions enterprise, Zhong Fangda, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Xijiu Company, revealed at the meeting that Xijiu will complete the additional 21,000 kiloliters of production capacity supporting projects during the”13th Five-Year Plan” period this year. To provide the necessary guarantee for achieving revenue of more than 20 billion yuan in 2025.
   At the meeting, Chairman Zhong Fangda gave a keynote speech on”Starting the”Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” New Journey to Realize Dreams”. Explains the main work of Xijiu during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period. Xijiu will advance the construction of technological transformation projects during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period in two phases.”According to the instructions of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on Xijiu, Xijiu will advance the construction of the technical transformation project during the ’14th Five-Year Plan’ period in two phases, reaching a production capacity of 100,000 kiloliters in 2026 and achieving a storage capacity of more than 540,000 kiloliters. Ability to lay a solid foundation for the future to become a 100-billion-level enterprise.”
   Chairman Zhong Fangda said frankly that during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period, Xijiu will keep in mind the earnest advice and speed up the construction of Xijiu; grasp the general trend of the industry and strengthen Xijiu’s brand; strengthen technological innovation and drive transformation and upgrading; protect the ecology Environment, protect the green water and blue sky; the regions work together to expand the market in five aspects. Break new roads, open new games, seize new opportunities, and produce new achievements on the new journey of the”14th Five-Year Plan”, and jointly forge a new cluster of Guizhou liquor industry The golden age has helped Guizhou to develop with high quality and make great strides forward.
  The high-quality development of sauce wine has just begun. Mr. Ji Keliang believes that it is necessary to think calmly under the hot sauce and wine, and continue to exert efforts in the production area, ecological environment, quality control and other aspects. Among them, Guizhou builds a world-class sauce-flavor liquor industry base core production area, and quality control is the fundamental. The craftsman spirit is the support, and the technological innovation is the means.
  Mr. Ji Keliang further pointed out that as the core area of ​​the world-class sauce and wine industry base in Guizhou, quality control needs to start from each enterprise, not to do things independently, but to strictly follow a series of winemaking techniques such as wine making, storage, blending, etc. . Koji making is the foundation of quality, wine making is the foundation of quality, storage and blending is the key to quality, and inspection is the guardian of quality, especially quality indicators, hygiene indicators, and safety indicators, which are very important. At the same time, we must protect the ecology of the Chishui River and the core production areas, regularly assess the environment, and protect the environment. This is our core competitiveness. Quality, safety, and environmental protection, any small issue may affect the development of the core area of ​​the entire world-class sauce and wine industry base.
  The foundation of the high-quality development of China’s manufacturing industry lies in the persistence of the craftsman spirit. The craftsmanship spirit is the endogenous driving force for the company to grow bigger and stronger, and it is also the endogenous driving force for our Guizhou to build the core area of ​​the world-class sauce and wine industry base today. Mr. Ji Keliang urged everyone to maintain four awes while advocating the spirit of craftsmanship:to have awe of history, to have awe of the natural environment, to have awe of traditional crafts, and to be of consumers. Have a sense of awe.