Gansu Tongwei County Market Supervision Bureau investigated and handled a food safety violation case in accordance with the law
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   On March 23, 2021, the inspection team of the Market Supervision Bureau of Dingxi City, Gansu, in conjunction with the Market Supervision Bureau of Tongwei County, inspected the canteen of the junior high school in Maying Town, Tongwei County, and found that the edible oil used in the canteen was suspected of not being labeled. In compliance with relevant laws and regulations, the Maying Town Market Supervision Office immediately initiated an investigation into a certain farmers’ professional cooperative in Tongwei County, a supplier of edible oil in the school cafeteria.
   After investigation, the edible oil production and operation unit produced by a farmer’s professional cooperative in Tongwei County did not indicate the production date, manufacturer, and detailed address of the factory, and had altered the label, which was suspected of violating the”Zhonghua The relevant provisions of Article 67, Paragraph 1, Item (1) and (3) of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, in accordance with the provisions of Article 125, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China , A farmer’s professional cooperative in Tongwei County confiscated 10 barrels of non-compliant food (Jin Mou brand flax oil) and 30 outer packaging labels, and imposed an administrative penalty of fines of RMB 50,000. For the school cafeteria’s failure to ask for relevant bills, a notice of ordering rectification was issued, and the rectification within a specified time limit has been rectified. The rectification has been in place.
  Campus food safety is related to the “safety on the tip of the tongue” of teachers and students. The bureau’s party group attaches great importance to it, launching the three-level linkage mechanism of bureau, team, and institute to handle this case efficiently and standardly. This case is a typical unqualified food label The case is also the first food case involving school cafeterias in our county in 2021. In the future, the Tongwei County Market Supervision Bureau will increase the supervision of school canteens and the producers and operators who provide food for the school canteens, strictly implement the”four strictest” requirements, resolutely crack down on illegal activities, strictly and promptly investigate and punish in accordance with the law, and earnestly Maintain the health and life safety of teachers and students.
  Law popularization class:Violation of food labeling and labeling regulations and punishment basis
   Article 67, paragraph 1, subparagraphs (1) and (3) of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China,”The producer’s prepackaged food shall have a label. The label shall indicate the following:( 1) Name, specification, net content, production date.
   Article 125, Paragraph 2 of the Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” Violation of the provisions of this law and one of the following circumstances shall be confiscated by the food safety supervision and administration department of the people’s government at or above the county level. Income and illegal production and operation of food and food additives, and tools, equipment, raw materials and other items used in illegal production and operation may be confiscated; if the value of illegal production and operation of food and food additives is less than 10,000 yuan, the penalty shall be 5,000 yuan. A fine of more than 50,000 yuan or more; a fine of more than 10,000 yuan or more of the value of goods will be fined five times or more and less than ten times the value of the goods; if the circumstances are serious, production and business shall be suspended until the license is revoked:(2) Production and operation without labels Prepackaged foods, food additives, or labels and instructions do not comply with the provisions of this law.”