Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province Launches Special Inspections on School Food Safety in Spring
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   On the morning of April 8, the Fuzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration launched a special law enforcement inspection and supervision and random inspection of school food safety in the spring semester of 2021.

   The scope of this special inspection covers food (including food from collective distribution units) in the canteens of universities, primary and middle schools and kindergartens in the city. Regarding whether to operate with a license; whether to work with a license; whether there are foods that have exceeded the expiration date and rot; whether there are three no foods; whether the purchase and sale of wild animals, wild fish, river fish, and imported cold chain foods have quarantine qualification certificates and nucleic acid testing The qualification certificate and the disinfection certificate, whether there is a”traceability code”; whether the storage conditions of edible agricultural products and cold chain food samples meet the requirements; whether the purchased food requires a certificate or ticket; whether the purchased food has a purchase-related record, etc., are checked. Sampling and testing foods such as bean sprouts, leeks, cowpeas, celery, ginger, steamed buns, steamed buns, hanami, fried dough sticks, tableware, and edible oil in the cafeteria.
   The special inspection of school food safety in spring conducted by the Fuzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau lasts for 15 days to verify the rectification of schools and investigate and deal with business units that have violated the law.