Fuyang City Market Supervision Bureau held a city-wide food operation and food safety and people’s livelihood project quick inspection system construction promotion meeting
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   In order to earnestly do a good job in the construction of the city’s food safety rapid inspection system, continue to play the role of rapid inspection equipment, and on the basis of fully completing the fast inspection targets and tasks of the food safety and people’s livelihood project in the first quarter of 2021, April 13, Fuyang City Market The Supervision Bureau organized and convened a promotion meeting for the construction of the city’s food business and food safety and people’s livelihood project quick inspection system. Wu Jun, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The person in charge of food business, food safety and livelihood projects in the county and urban area market supervision bureau, the person in charge of the tool and the person in charge of the third-party inspection agency attended the meeting.
   The meeting notified the completion and analysis of the rapid inspection of food safety and people’s livelihood projects in the first quarter; organized and studied the”Anhui Province Edible Agricultural Products Quick Inspection and Assessment Rules”; the supervision of cold chain food centralized warehouses, cross-provincial cross-comparison status, Feedback on problem rectification and other work put forward specific requirements; Yingzhou District Bureau conducted experience exchange speeches on quick inspection work.
  Wu Jun put forward specific requirements for the quick inspection of edible agricultural products:First, all food safety and people’s livelihood engineering inspection rooms (quick inspection rooms) must ensure that inspectors are on the job, and prevent late arrivals and early departures, leave their posts without authorization, and absenteeism. The second is to strengthen the maintenance and daily management of quick inspection equipment, strictly implement the work system, standardize the quick inspection operation procedures, and ensure the authenticity and reliability of monitoring data. The third is to ensure that testing projects and tasks are completed on time, and timely upload testing data to the provincial food safety rapid testing information sharing platform. The fourth is to increase the rate of unqualified inspections. For unqualified foods and edible agricultural products found in quick inspections, we must strengthen inspections, standardize disposal, eliminate hidden risks, and publish inspection information in a timely manner to improve the people’s sense of food safety.