For the first time, Yanbian Prefecture of Jilin Province carried out the identification of suspected criminal items for beef of unknown cause
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   Recently, at the request of the Tumen Public Security Bureau, the Yanbian Market Supervision Administration organized for the first time relevant experts and law enforcement officers to carry out the identification of unidentified beef in the case of Lu Mou suspected of selling food that did not meet the food safety standards in Tumen. Further strengthened the work of inter-department execution linking.
   The certified personnel carefully reviewed and analyzed the inspection report of the Jilin Province Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center, the statement issued by the Tumen Animal Disease Prevention and Control Center, and the inquiry transcript prepared by the Tumen Public Security Bureau. According to the five departments”Food Measures for the Connection between Administrative Law Enforcement of Drugs and Criminal Justice, and the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Congress on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Laws in Handling Criminal Cases Endangering Food Safety The certification requirements and criteria should be recognized as foods that do not meet the food safety standards.
   The State Market Supervision Bureau has been established for two years and has attached great importance to the identification of suspected food and drug crimes. It has successively issued nearly 100 opinions on the identification of counterfeit drugs, inferior drugs, toxic and harmful foods, and foods that do not meet food safety standards for the judicial authorities. Participants involved more than 300 varieties, which effectively cracked down on illegal and criminal activities in food and drugs. (Supply from Law Enforcement Inspection Office)