Focusing on the”stubborn illness” of the health food industry, Chongzuo Market Supervision Bureau’s health food special rectification is in progress
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   In the past few days, the Chongzuo City Market Supervision Bureau has focused on the”stubborn diseases” of the health food industry such as illegal production and operation, illegal publicity and marketing, and fraud and misleading consumption. It has continued to carry out special actions to rectify market chaos, and has achieved initial results.
   This special action focuses on health food business enterprises or individuals closely related to health food consumer groups (especially elderly consumer groups), and focuses on pharmaceutical business stores, health food business stores (wholesale, retail), shopping malls and supermarkets , Directly-operated stores are the key remediation places. Focus on checking whether the health food business unit has obtained the”Food Business License”, whether the food business items specified in the license include”health food”, whether the health food purchase channels are standardized and legal, and whether the certification and receipt and purchase inspection systems are strictly implemented. Whether the content of labels and instructions meets the specified requirements, whether there is an approval number, whether there are illegal acts such as exaggeration and false propaganda, etc. At the same time, inspections were conducted for illegal activities such as counterfeiting health foods as medicines and counterfeiting health foods with ordinary foods. In response to a small number of business operators that have not set up notice boards or the contents of the notice boards, the use of warning words is not standardized, and does not meet the requirements, the inspectors put forward rectification requirements on the spot.
   Since the launch of the special rectification action, the city has dispatched 1,847 law enforcement personnel, inspected 867 health food operators, and found 63 problems. 63 companies have been ordered to rectify, and 1 company has been ordered to suspend production and business; 1 company has been filed ( Operating health food without a license), the amount involved was RMB 2,417, and the fine was RMB 10,350; 33 science popularization events were held, with 5,100 participants and 7,280 publicity materials distributed.
  Combined with the problems found in the special rectification, the next step, the city will strengthen the supervision of health food in the following aspects:one is to further consolidate the foundation and solidly promote the special clean-up and rectification work; the second is to strengthen the investigation of clues and dig deeper into the source of the case. Strictly investigate and deal with a number of health food violations; the third is to further consolidate departmental responsibilities, give full play to the role of joint law enforcement, and provide protection for special clean-up and rectification; fourthly, further establish and improve mechanisms, increase health food publicity, and promote special clean-up and rectification The work develops in depth to ensure new results and highlights.