“Five Persistences and Five Overall Plans” to secure China’s rice bowl to ensure national food security
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   On April 2, the State Information Office held a press conference on the development of grain and material reserves during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period. Liang Yan, deputy director of the State Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves, introduced at the meeting that at present, the State Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves is deploying in accordance with the”Outline” of the”14th Five-Year Plan” to speed up the preparation of special projects in the field of grain and material reserves during the”14th Five-Year” period. It is planned that during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period, the focus will be on the”five persistences and five overall plans”, which is to make overall plans to improve the national food security’s coordinated guarantee capabilities, purchasing and storage control capabilities, industrial support capabilities, modern governance capabilities, and Save grain and reduce capacity, ensure food supply, hold China’s rice bowl firmly, hold the granary of a big country, and ensure national food security.
   First, we insist on taking a foothold in the domestic market and make overall plans to strengthen the coordinated guarantee of grain production, purchase, storage, and sales. Implement a food security strategy, improve the supply and security system for important agricultural products, insist on storing grain on the ground and storing grain on technology, improve the overall grain production capacity, ensure food security based on the entire chain, and improve the grain production, storage, and sales system.
   The second is to adhere to precise control and coordinate the improvement of grain purchasing and storage control capabilities. Deepen the reform of the grain purchasing and storage system, accelerate the cultivation of diversified market purchase and sales entities, reform and improve the central grain reserve management system, scientifically determine the size of government reserves, improve the”channel + route + hub + node” grain logistics backbone network, strengthen monitoring and early warning, and improve grain The market system realizes the dynamic balance of supply and demand at a higher level.
   The third is to adhere to high-quality development and coordinate the implementation of high-quality grain projects. Highlight the “three-chain coordination” of the grain industry chain, value chain, and supply chain required by General Secretary Xi Jinping, continue to promote the “five excellent linkages” of high-quality grain, high-quality production, high-quality purchase, high-quality storage, high-quality processing, and high-quality sales, and strengthen leading enterprises Drive, accelerate the construction of a modern grain industry system, improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the grain industry, carry out the”China Good Grain and Oil” campaign, increase varieties, improve quality, and create brands to better satisfy the people from”satisfying” to”good food”. Good” consumer demand.
  Fourth is to adhere to the entire chain of management and control, and coordinate the promotion of food savings and loss and healthy consumption. Improve the grain post-production service system, vigorously promote green low-temperature grain storage technology and appropriate processing technology, strengthen standard guidance, and effectively reduce losses in grain production, storage, transportation, and processing. Carry out the activities of”love food and save food” to enter schools, government agencies, enterprises, and communities, and advocate green and healthy consumption habits.
   The fifth is to persist in reform and innovation, and coordinate the promotion of the modernization of the food security governance system and governance capabilities. Speed ​​up the formulation of the Food Security Guarantee Law. Implement the same responsibility of the party and government, strengthen the responsibility system of the governor for food security, strengthen the management of central grain reserves and the assessment of the implementation of the central authority’s grain policy. Accelerate the implementation of technology and talent to invigorate grain storage, strengthen food quality and safety, promote the construction of”digital grain storage”, strictly enforce laws and supervise, and guard and manage the”world granary.”