Five actions in Fushun promoted the improvement of market standards and severely cracked down on illegal food
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  The Fushun City Market Supervision Administration will take the opportunity of Fushun to create a civilized city and will continue to take 5 specific actions. According to its job functions, it will standardize food business behaviors, severely crack down on food violations, illegal wildlife trading, and price violations. Acts and illegal acts of measuring instruments promote the improvement of market standards.

   Ban unlicensed food business in accordance with the law
  Combined with the overall requirements for the creation of a civilized city, strictly implement the main responsibilities of market operators, and in accordance with the requirements of”one detailed rules and three conditions”, standardize the operation of small food workshops, small restaurants, and small vendors in the market, and ban none according to law. Licensed and unlicensed business operations to create a safe and secure consumption environment for the people.

   investigate and deal with food counterfeiting and other illegal acts
  In accordance with the”four strictest” principles, strengthen food safety supervision, focusing on serious investigations and punishments against counterfeit, three nos, cottage, water-injected meat, fakes, expired, inferior, expired, and illegal additions, etc. , So that people can buy and eat with peace of mind.

  Regulate illegal wildlife trade
   In response to illegal wildlife trading, the Market Supervision Bureau has strengthened the supervision of illegal wildlife sales in key places such as bazaars, flower, bird, fish and insect professional markets, and large rural markets. It adheres to zero tolerance for illegal wildlife trading and is strict Crack down on illegal wildlife trade.

   Crack down on price violations
   Strengthen the price supervision, monitoring and inspection of key daily consumer goods that are highly concerned by the people in key areas and key areas, pay close attention to price trends, maintain market market price order, clearly mark prices, and investigate and deal with price violations in accordance with the law.

   Keep an eye on illegal inspections of measuring instruments
   Regarding commodities that are of high concern to the common people, such as aquatic products and meat products in the bazaar, the operators shall be intensified supervision and inspection, strictly, intensively, and promptly investigated and dealt with the measurement violations such as the shortage of goods and the creation of children. The old man is not deceiving the market atmosphere of fair trade.