Experts from the Institute of Fruit Trees of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences help the revitalization of Yantai fruit industry
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   Qixia apples and Laiyang pears have a long history of planting. They are domestically prestigious varieties and are also traditional advantageous industries in Yantai. In recent years, problems such as single species, aging trees, low soil organic matter content, serious soil acidification, and aging workforce have restricted the healthy and sustainable development of Yantai Fruit Industry.
  April 1-4, 2021, the fruit tree cultivation and physiology team of the Fruit Tree Institute sent researchers Zhao Deying and Dr. Yan Shuai to Laiyang and Qixia for research and technical guidance, aiming to improve the quality of Qixia apples and Laiyang pears Effectiveness as the starting point, through the quality of agriculture, green agriculture, brand strength, help the revitalization of Yantai fruit industry.
   Zhao Deying and Yan Shuai went to Zhaowangzhuang Town, the core producing area of ​​Laiyang mulberry pear, to deal with problems such as weak vigor of old pear trees and serious soil-borne diseases. Different landforms, different soil conditions, different management levels, and differences The soil samples and root bark samples were collected from pear orchards of tree age to obtain the main soil basic data and rhizosphere pathogenic microorganism status of the local pear orchards, and to provide scientific basis for the rejuvenation of old pear trees.
  The construction of the standardization demonstration garden is one of the important work contents of the Qixia Apple Test Station. Zhao Deying and Yan Shuai aimed at Shandong Tongda Modern Agriculture Group Co., Ltd. to build 200 acres of Venus Gold and Guoduhong No. 1 branching seedlings. Orchard technology conducted on-site technical guidance and designed three tree shapes:single fence, V-shaped double fence and high spindle shape, in order to provide a modern two-dimensional structure orchard model for local fruit farmers and promote the transformation and upgrading of Qixia apple industry. At the same time, a practical and feasible late frost prevention and control technical plan is provided to deal with the hazards of cold spring that may occur in April.