Expert Viewpoints |”Big Cherries Increase in Volume and Price Fall No Longer to Be Rare”-Analysis of Big Cherry Market Dynamics No. 42
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   In the past ten years, the quantity and price of big cherries on the market and consumers’ tables have changed drastically. Imported cherries have changed from being sold in a few large supermarkets to the street fruit stalls. They have been reduced from 100 yuan per catty to 20 yuan, and large cherries in facilities have been reduced from 300 yuan per catty by 20 to 30 yuan, and open-air cherries are even more expensive. It is sold in single digits. The high-end fruits of the past have gradually become civilians. The”first spring fruit” of the year is no longer rare.
  1. As imported cherry cherries, more than ten years ago, because of the complicated import procedures and high cost, the amount of cherries that obtained the right to export to the Chinese market was small, and cherries were used as high-end gifts. Ordinary consumers can’t afford it. With the convenience of entry procedures for imported fruits, the Chinese market has continued to open up, and the growing area and output of foreign cherries have increased rapidly. More and more consumers have tasted cherries from more countries, and the prices are becoming more and more affordable. , Has flown into the homes of ordinary people.
  2. For more than ten years, my country’s big cherry industry has developed rapidly. The country’s planting area has reached 3.5 million mu, with an output of more than 1.3 million tons. The traditional production areas of Shandong and Liaoning are still developing steadily, and the new production areas of Shaanxi, Gansu, Henan, Shanxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai, and Xinjiang are developing more rapidly. The production of counter-season cultivation in facilities is increasing, and the market supply period of domestic big cherries has exceeded 6 months. The”first spring fruit” that year has become a common fruit on consumers’ tables.
  3. Now, imported fruits such as durian, cherries, mangosteen, dragon fruit, longan, kiwi and oranges have become civilians in price. The variety of domestic fruits, whether northern or southern, is particularly rich. In addition, my country’s vast territory, facility cultivation, cold chain and other infrastructure are becoming more and more complete. Most fruits can be bought all year round, which has completely changed dozens of them. Years ago, the situation of scarcity and shortage of fruit, even the original”noble fruit” has gradually become civilians, and the same is true for big cherries. The increase in volume and price has become a business that has to be dealt with.