Expert viewpoint丨The big cherry industry should develop towards high quality and high efficiency-the 40th issue of the dynamic analysis of big cherry market
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   Recently, Dalian Lvhai Agriculture’s”Yishujia” big cherry once again landed on the Beijing Xinfadi market in the expectation of many consumers. Like last year, although the price is two to three times higher than that of ordinary greenhouse cherries, the supply still exceeds demand. Of course, what attracts consumers is her unique quality. All quality indicators meet or exceed imported cherries, and the freshness is unique. It will reach the wholesale market within 24 hours. The next day, it will also be imported cherries. You can’t do it. After years of hard work,”Yishujia” has become the top domestic brand in the industry, achieving high-quality, high-yield and high-efficiency. This is inseparable from its high investment. High investment and scientific investment have brought high-quality and high-yield. A new way of quality development.

   1. High-quality, high-yield and high-efficiency is achieved through a certain amount of capital investment and intensive advanced technology, all of which require advanced production facilities and strong agricultural technology support. To develop large cherry planting, we must determine the scale of planting according to our own economic strength, and do everything possible to find advanced technology suitable for the region and our own planting mode, so that the full standard of funds can be used to build a garden that can scientifically and reasonably meet the production, and the technology is advanced and pragmatic. detour. But not greedy for more, reluctant to invest, or want to vote beyond one’s own strength but can’t vote.

   2. In recent years, my country’s agricultural mechanization has developed rapidly, and intelligence has also been promoted and used in many fields. However, the actual use of agricultural labor is part of agricultural production. The proportion is still more than 50%, and labor productivity is significantly lower than that of agricultural developed countries. The pursuit of high-quality, high-yield and high-efficiency must first truly change the concept, be brave to innovate and willing to use more advanced equipment, fertilizers, and pesticides, while improving labor efficiency, ensure a reasonable and balanced production of big cherries, and achieve a virtuous cycle of high yield and quality.

   Three, high-yield, high-quality and high-efficiency are equally important. In recent years, although many large cherry orchards continue to adopt new technologies, introduce new varieties, and improve management levels year by year, they still cannot achieve both high yield and high quality and efficiency, and even stable and high yield cannot be achieved, let alone high quality and high efficiency. To achieve high-quality, high-yield and high-efficiency, focus on the following points:1. Choose good varieties according to local conditions, 2. Build and improve the necessary infrastructure, 3. Establish a refined production system, 4. Use scientific and reasonable planting techniques, 5. Managers with strong execution and planting workers with certain qualities, 6. Continuous investment is not improvable.