EU intends to revise organic production regulations
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   On April 13, 2021, the European Commission website released Ares (2021) No. 2497980 Consultation Document, which intends to update and revise (EU) Annex II of Regulation 2018/848 and the record keeping requirements of the European Council on organic operators. The specific amendments are as follows:

  (1) The production rules, traceability records, internal quality control and compliance assessment of certain specific products have been added;
   (2) Record keeping regulations, specifying the minimum record keeping requirements for each production area;
   (3) Introduce certain specific elements to ensure consistency and a unified basis for record keeping;
   (4) Organic production rules must be recorded by those operators who have already completed;
  (5) When collecting wild plants and their products, it is necessary to require operators to keep records of relevant species and the number and time of collection to achieve traceability and compliance verification;
   (6) The rules of animal husbandry production, aquaculture, and honey farming should retain written evidence to achieve traceability, etc.
  The feedback period for the consultation document is until May 11, 2021.