Enjiang Branch of Yongfeng County, Ji’an, Jiangxi, launches special inspections of food safety in school canteens and surrounding campuses
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  In order to further strengthen the food safety supervision of school canteens and surrounding campuses, in the past few days, the Enjiang Branch of the Yongfeng County Market Supervision Bureau has carried out special inspections on the food safety of school canteens and food businesses around the campus within its jurisdiction.

  The focus of the inspection is mainly whether the licenses are complete, whether the employees hold valid health certificates, food processing operation procedures, the use of food additives, food samples, food identification labels, ticket requests, purchase and sales accounts, etc.
   Up to now, a total of 117 law enforcement officers have been dispatched, 42 schools (including kindergartens included) have been inspected, and 6″Notices for Ordering Corrections” have been issued. 137 food business households around the campus were inspected, and 17″Notices for Ordering Corrections” were issued.