During the first quarter of this year, oilseed stocks in Kazakhstan fell by 400,000 tons
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  Foreign media news on April 19:According to the Statistics Committee under the Ministry of Economy of Kazakhstan, during the first quarter of this year, Kazakhstan’s oilseed stocks decreased by 400,000 tons.

  As of April 1, 2021, Kazakhstan’s oilseed stocks were 1.03 million tons, down from 1.43 million tons on January 1. Among them, farm inventory is 417,900 tons, farm household inventory is 157,200 tons, and oil company inventory is 218,800 tons.
  The stock of sunflower seeds is 380,900 tons, including 363,300 tons of edible sunflower seeds; the stock of rapeseed is 108,600 tons; the stock of linseed is 405,100 tons; the stock of soybeans is 82,000 tons and the stock of castor beans is 5,700 tons. , Sunflower seed stock is 30,100 tons.