Doumen District, Zhuhai City Holds Food Safety Risk Analysis and Judgment Meeting for the First Quarter of 2021
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   In order to strengthen food safety supervision in Doumen District, analyze and judge possible hidden risks, research and propose more accurate and effective risk control measures to prevent food safety accidents, on the afternoon of March 31, 2021, the deputy district governor, Liu Zhiyin, deputy director of the District Food Safety Committee, presided over the Doumen District Food Safety Risk Analysis and Judgment Meeting in the first quarter of 2021 in the district government building. The members of the District Food Safety Committee notified the relevant responsible parties to attend the meeting.
  At the meeting, the District Food Safety Office reported on the research and judgment work of Doumen District in the first quarter of 2021 to prevent and resolve major food risks, notified Doumen District’s evaluation and acceptance work for the establishment of a provincial food safety demonstration city in 2020, and listened to district education The report of the Bureau and District Agriculture and Rural Bureau on food safety in the first quarter of 2021, analysis of hidden risks and countermeasures.
  The meeting pointed out that in 2020, with the joint efforts of the members of the District Food Safety Committee, Doumen District will help Zhuhai City successfully pass the provincial food safety demonstration city creation evaluation and acceptance work, and the food safety foundation of the district will be further consolidated. Doumen people Satisfaction with food safety work has been further improved.
  The meeting pointed out that the district committee and the district government have always attached great importance to food safety work and regard food safety as a major political task and a project to ensure people’s livelihood. The meeting requested that first, we must adhere to the problem-oriented approach, carefully formulate rectification plans, clarify the correctness of rectification, grasp the implementation of rectification, and take the opportunity of building a city to improve the overall level of food safety in Doumen District. The second is to consolidate territorial responsibilities, strengthen overall supervision, and stick to the people’s food safety defense and bottom line. The third is to widely publicize the food safety publicity work throughout the entire process of food safety supervision, and take the food safety”five-entry” activity as the starting point, and strive to enhance the people’s food safety awareness. The fourth is to strengthen training, promote scientific, institutionalized, and standardized food supervision training, prevent food safety risks, and consciously enhance the ability and level of serving the masses.
  The meeting emphasized that only the leadership responsibility of food safety should be continuously strengthened, food safety should be placed in the field of public safety, and the party and government should be responsible for deployment, promotion, and implementation. Adhere to the bottom line thinking and focus on preventing and dissolving major food in the jurisdiction. Safety risks can truly improve the people’s food safety satisfaction and sense of acquisition.