deal! Ningde unveiled its key work on food safety”three majors and one small” this year
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   On the morning of April 7, Huang Jianlong, Deputy Mayor of Ningde Municipal Government, presided over a plenary meeting of the Ningde Food Safety Committee and an analysis meeting on the food safety situation in the first quarter of 2021. The meeting determined that in 2021, on the basis of continuing to promote the management of”table pollution” and building the”Food Reliable Project”, Ningde City will focus on launching the”Safety on the Tip of the Tongue” Ningde series of actions-the”three small actions” to promote the entire food chain The level of quality and safety assurance has been effectively improved.
  The big yellow croaker”Swim” action
  The agriculture, fishery, market supervision, public security and other departments are responsible for further consolidating the results of the special management work on the quality and safety of large yellow croaker products in 2020. Through continuous strengthening of the key links of the input, breeding process and market circulation of large yellow croaker Supervision, crack down on all kinds of violations of laws and regulations, give play to the role of industry self-discipline, fully implement the pre-listing pre-inspection system and the qualification certificate approval system, and strengthen the circulation access control, so that the failure rate of large yellow croaker outside sampling inspection in our city has been significantly reduced. The sampling qualification rate is higher than other aquatic products.
  Great Catering”Color Label” Action
   Commerce, market supervision, education, industry and information, health and other departments are responsible for the implementation of high-risk catering service units such as school canteens, large and larger restaurants, and large institutions, enterprises and institutions canteens with more than 200 people in the city. Standard management work, with processing and cooking rooms, special rooms, decontamination rooms, and warehouses as the key areas, with rough processing cleaning, storage, cutting and distribution, cooking, meal preparation, and tableware disinfection as the key links. Processing tools such as containers, containers, and work clothes for employees are distinguished according to different color identifications, and color code management is carried out to further implement the main responsibility of food safety of high-risk catering service units, standardize the food processing and production process, promote the improvement of catering quality and safety, and effectively prevent food poisoning The incident happened.
  The Big Country”Food Safety” Operation
  In 2020, the city will focus on building food production and business units along the demonstration line of rural revitalization as the standard governance object. Each county will identify 5-10 food production companies along the demonstration line with complete licenses, production and operation conditions and good process control As the target of demonstration sites, operating units will focus on guiding and standardizing selected typical cultivated food production and operation units in accordance with the requirements of demonstration standards, creating models, and playing a typical demonstration role, so as to improve the level of rural food safety and promote the effective implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.
  Small workshop”break the cocoon” operation
   The three-year action plan for the improvement of the city’s food production and processing workshop specifications has been issued, and the action content and requirements have been clarified. This year, a group of cities with good basic production conditions, quality and safety control in place, and good market reputation will be screened across the city. The small workshops started the creation of demonstration sites and selected 36 of them as the second batch of municipal-level small workshop demonstration sites in the city, and 11 small workshops were recommended to participate in the creation of provincial-level small workshop demonstration sites. Actively explore the feasibility of building a centralized processing area for small workshops in the central city, build a centralized processing area for small workshops in the Muyang line and noodles in Fu’an City and pass provincial inspections, promote the construction of a centralized processing area for small workshops in Gutian red yeast, and encourage qualified counties (cities, cities, District) Carry out the construction of a centralized processing area for small workshops.