Dairy enterprises should become the main force in implementing the main responsibility of food safety
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   On March 25, the 8th meeting of the 6th Council of China Dairy Industry Association and the 2021 China Dairy Industry Economic Operation Conference was held in Nanjing.

At the    meeting, Liu Muyu, deputy director of the first division of the Food Production Department of the State Administration of Market Important speeches were made on the high-quality development of the product industry.

   Dear guests, ladies and gentlemen:

  Good morning everyone!

   Thank you very much for the invitation of the China Dairy Industry Association. With the approval of the Food Production Department of the State Administration of Market Supervision, I will come to the beautiful ancient capital of Nanjing and participate in the Chinese dairy industry economy in 2021. Run the meeting. For more than a year, in the face of the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, the China Dairy Industry Association and the majority of dairy product manufacturers have actively responded to the “Three Guarantees” action of the State Administration of Market Supervision, which effectively protects the domestic market. The price of dairy products in the market is stable, the quality is safe, and the supply is sufficient. Entrusted by the leaders of the Food Production Department of the State Administration of Market Supervision, I would like to thank the China Dairy Industry Association and colleagues in the dairy industry for their hard work! Thanks to friends from all walks of life for their strong support for food safety supervision work! Congratulations on the successful convening of this meeting!

   In 2020, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, people of all ethnic groups across the country will fight stubbornly and achieve major strategic results in epidemic prevention and control. The only economy in the economy to achieve positive economic growth. Driven by the country’s favorable macroeconomic situation and the diligent efforts of the dairy industry, the national food safety supervision and random inspection pass rate of dairy products has reached more than 99%for 6 consecutive years. The dairy product output, operating income and total profit of dairy products manufacturers above designated size have been compared with the same period last year. Both achieved positive growth, and both product inventory and loss fell year-on-year. The dairy industry has become an industry with rare economic benefits.

   Dairy products are a representative industry of my country’s food safety and a strategic industry for the coordinated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. The General Administration of Market Supervision earnestly implements the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, strictly follows the”four most stringent” requirements, upholds the regulatory goal of”implementing food safety strategies and making people feel at ease”, and regards dairy products as the top priority of food safety supervision. The most important thing is to establish a full-chain supervision system covering raw material control, process control, factory inspection, product sales, and safety traceability.

   One year ago, the State Administration of Market Supervision organized the”Improve Milk Quality Enterprise Public Commitment” activity. The China Dairy Industry Association and 77 dairy companies jointly issued the”Improve Milk Quality We act together” initiative, 12 large dairy companies including Yili, Mengniu, Guangming, Feihe, Junlebao, Sanyuan, Wandashan, Shengyuan, Yinqiao, New Hope, Nestlé, Mead Johnson, etc., are”showing up to consumers across the country””Be responsible, show promises, and take the initiative to accept social supervision. Since the launch of the event, the China Dairy Industry Association has promoted enterprises to strictly implement their main responsibilities, promote the quality and safety management of the entire industry chain, explore the construction model of high-quality milk source bases, organize quality competitions, issue self-discipline conventions, carry out credit system evaluations, and popularize dairy nutrition knowledge , To promote the improvement of dairy quality and consumer confidence. 12 large-scale dairy companies”promises must be trusted, deeds must be resolute”, and actively implement public commitments, which have been recognized and praised by all sectors of society.

   At the end of last year, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the”Dairy Product Quality and Safety Improvement Action Plan”, which clarified the goals of dairy product quality and safety supervision in the next three years. The department builds a more scientific and reasonable supervision system, deploys local market supervision departments to further strengthen the supervision of dairy products, urge enterprises to further implement the main responsibility for food safety, further guide the high-quality development of the industry, and optimize the market environment for industry development.

  Food safety is the foundation of a better life. Dairy products are a representative product of food safety. Improving the quality and safety of dairy products is the responsibility and mission of the dairy industry. As the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China pointed out,”the task of reforming key areas and key links is still arduous, and innovation capabilities do not meet the requirements of high-quality development.” At present, there is still a certain gap between my country’s dairy industry and developed countries in the world. There are still hidden dangers in the industrial chain of my country’s dairy industry. The core technology level is not comprehensive enough. The supply of key raw materials is still highly dependent on imports. Related processing equipment and testing The level of localization of equipment and testing reagents is not high, the innovation ability of dairy products is not strong enough, and the reputation of dairy products is not good enough. Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic on the global economy, these problems have gradually surfaced. The”Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” and the Outline of Long-Term Goals for 2035, which were just passed by the two sessions this year, proposes to”improve the modernization of the industrial chain supply chain. Make up for shortcomings and forge longboards to form a more innovative, higher value-added, A safer and more reliable industrial chain supply chain” is to solve the”stuck neck” and bottleneck problems encountered in the development of the industry. At present, the dairy industry is in the best period in history. The dairy industry has the good basic conditions to take the lead in improving quality, prioritize the construction of order, and take the lead in realizing revitalization. Dairy companies should become the main force in implementing the main responsibility for food safety and promote the food industry. The vanguard of high-quality development.

  We hope that the dairy industry can become a model for food safety. Take a correct view and proactively implement corporate responsibilities, solve individual problems, drive the industry to solve common problems, and form a market order featuring integrity, self-discipline, and healthy development.

  We hope that the dairy industry can become a model for quality improvement. Continuously improve internal control standards, continue to improve the management system, develop nutritious and healthy dairy products, monitor, prevent and resolve food safety risks in the industrial chain, and make the dairy industry bigger, stronger and better.

  We hope that the dairy industry can become a model for brand building. Firmly establishing China’s dairy industry is a brand’s holistic and overall view. Resolutely rely on high-quality products to win the people’s trust, expand brand influence, enhance the image of the industry, and establish a high-quality and safe brand in China’s dairy industry, so that people can consume with confidence.

   Finally, I wish this conference a complete success.

   Thank you all!