“Creation and Application of Tomato Germplasm Resources for Viral Disease Resistance” by Vegetable Institute of Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences passed the result evaluation
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   On March 30, the Hunan Agricultural Society organized experts from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hunan Agricultural University and other units to carry out the”Tomato Antiviral Disease Germplasm Resource Creation and Application” project completed by the researcher Zhang Zhanhong from the Vegetable Research Institute of Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The results are evaluated.
  The expert team listened to reports, consulted information and inquired, and agreed that the results have carried out germplasm resource innovation, new varieties selection and cultivation technology research for the variety of tomato viruses, difficult prevention and control, and created a batch of anti-virus The backbone parents of diseased tomatoes have selected and bred a series of new tomato varieties, and established a cultivation technology system centered on”viral resistant varieties + cultivating non-toxic strong seedlings + prevention and control of virus transmission mediators”, realizing a complete set of good varieties and methods.
   The result is highly innovative and has been widely promoted and applied in production, and has achieved good economic, social and ecological benefits, and has reached the international advanced level of similar research.