Costa Rica’s banana exports set a record in 2020
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   According to a report by Costa Rica’s La Nation on February 26, despite the impact of the epidemic, through the development of new markets and lower prices, the export of Costa Rica’s banana industry set a new record in 2020. According to data from the National Banana Association (Corbana), as of the end of 2020, Colombia had exported a total of 129.6 million boxes of bananas (each box was 18.14 kg), an increase of 7%from 120.7 million boxes in 2019; the total export volume in 2020 was 2.35 million tons , The export value is 1.12 billion U.S. dollars, much higher than the export value in 2019 (1.105 billion U.S. dollars). According to statistics from the Colombian Foreign Trade Promotion Agency (Procomer), the export volume in 2019 was 2.4 million tons and the export value was 1.01 billion U.S. dollars; in 2020, the export volume of bananas was 2.62 million tons and the export value was 1.081 billion U.S. dollars, setting a historical record. Jorge Sauma, general manager of the Banana Association, believes that a favorable condition for Colombia’s banana exports in 2020 is that Honduras and Guatemala are affected by hurricanes and the supply of bananas is reduced. Costa Rica has a pleasant climate for most of the time and is suitable for banana growth. In a report released by the National Banana Association on February 25, banana growers must seek new export markets, given that traditional markets are facing epidemic restrictions. In addition to the United States, Colombia also exports large amounts of bananas to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Urgent search for new markets also means that export prices have fallen, but banana growers are reluctant to disclose specific prices, saying this is a private contract. By controlling prices, sales can be maintained and employment in banana plantations can be stabilized. According to statistics from the National Banana Association, there are currently about 40,000 people directly engaged in the banana industry in Costa Rica, and the area of ​​banana planting is about 43,000 hectares.