Continue to increase supervision, and the Ganzhou market has not seen”dyed green onions” again recently
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   On March 23, receiving complaints from citizens about purchasing “dyed green onions”, the Ganzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau attached great importance to it and immediately organized law enforcement officers from the city’s supervision system to conduct reports on the city’s farmers’ markets, supermarkets, and large vegetable wholesale markets. A full-coverage investigation was carried out on onions, and all 80 jin of”dyed onions” found during the inspection had been removed from the shelves for destruction. After follow-up investigation, the main source of”dyed green onions” is Yunnan.
   At the same time, on March 25, the”Ganzhou Market Supervision” WeChat official account issued the”Consumption Tips on”Dyeing” Chives”, reminding the general public how to buy and eat chives correctly.

  ”Blue Scallion” experts in Guizhou market:

   is the residue of Bordeaux mixture with low risk of harm
   Since April 6, the market supervision system of Ganzhou City has continued to intensify investigations and re-examined the shallots operated by the city’s farmer’s markets, supermarkets and large vegetable wholesale markets. So far, no “dyed shallots” have been found on the market. . At the same time of the inspection, the law enforcement officers urge the operators to do a follow-up inspection of purchases, and shall not purchase or sell chives with blue substances. It also reminds the general public that when buying chives, you should do one look at two touches, and don’t buy “greenish bulbs as a whole, dark blue in parts, and white bulbs with unevenly distributed blue substances, and blue substances remain after being touched by hands.” The purchased shallots are rinsed with tap water two or three times before being eaten. Up to now, a total of 1,338 law enforcement officers have been dispatched to inspect a total of 1,038 households in farmer’s markets, supermarkets, and large vegetable wholesale markets in the jurisdiction.
   In the next step, the Ganzhou City Market Supervision Bureau will continue to increase its supervision and inspection efforts. Once discovered, it will be removed from the shelves for destruction to ensure the safety of the people’s food.