Consumer Tips | Food Security tells you:Eat delicious wild vegetables carefully and guard the tip of your tongue
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   In Yunnan, many people think that a table without wild vegetables is soulless. You can feel the taste of nature by eating a variety of famous and unknown wild vegetables. But although wild vegetables are delicious, safety is more important. Here, Mr. Shian wants to tell you a little knowledge of wild vegetables——
   First of all, it is the safety of wild vegetables. Specifically:
  The plant itself will secrete toxins in an emergency
   When the human body is invaded by pathogens, the body will activate the immune system to defend itself. Plants have a similar system-in the face of pests and diseases, they secrete some substances to resist. These substances can resist pests and damage the human body. May be harmful. For example, when some plants are attacked by pathogens, they will produce a large amount of something called”furanocoumarin”, which is a photosensitive substance, which is prone to”photodermatitis” if exposed to or ingested too much by the human body.

  People don’t know much about the toxicity of wild vegetables
   People’s cognition of the”sense of security” of wild vegetables mostly comes from daily experience, without sufficient research and lack of scientificity.
  Plants are rich in toxins
  Many wild vegetables on the market are not picked from the mountains, but may grow near roads, factories, or cities, which greatly increases the risk of toxin accumulation. Different plants have different ability to accumulate toxins, but people have limited knowledge of various wild vegetables, and it is often unclear which wild vegetables have high toxin accumulation.
The nutritional problems of    wild vegetables
  Wild vegetables are not more nutritious than planted vegetables. Different plants have different”rich” nutrients. A kind of wild vegetables generally has one or several high content of nutrients. However, dietary health is not determined by the specific nutrients in one or two specific foods. The”rich” nutrients in wild vegetables are not actually beneficial to human health.
   Of course, when we say that wild vegetables have safety problems, we are not asking everyone not to eat wild vegetables, because for people who are accustomed to eating wild vegetables, the safety problems are generally mild and chronic. Poisoning reaction occurs only when it is eaten. Occasionally early adopters, and reducing harmful substances in wild vegetables through cooking methods such as blanching and rinsing can ensure the safety of wild vegetables.
  You must remember to eat wild vegetables
   First of all,”I don’t know what to eat”. Don’t eat wild vegetables that you don’t know, to prevent eating poisonous wild vegetables, don’t eat wild vegetables on the roadside or near factories, and prevent eating contaminated wild vegetables. Secondly, we must adopt the correct cooking method for cooking. The wild flowers, leaves, and wild vegetables that have been picked should be completely cleaned. It is best to blanch and soak them before cooking. After blanching the fern and pear flowers, they should be soaked for about 1 day for consumption. The soaked ingredients should be placed in a cool place. Change the water frequently, keep it clean, and prevent corruption. Both safety and deliciousness are the right way to enjoy the gift of nature.