Colombian blueberry exports soar, with a year-on-year growth of 387%in 2020
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   In 2020, Colombia exported fresh blueberries worth USD 1.23 million, an increase of 387%over the previous year. Among them, the United States is Colombia’s largest blueberry export market. Last year, exports to the United States reached US$858,000.

   At the same time, Colombia has also opened up many new markets, including Russia, Qatar, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. In order to enhance the fruit export potential, the Colombian government has developed blueberries as a key export fruit, hoping to become the world’s top ten blueberry exporters within a few years. Ten years ago, Colombia’s blueberry plantation area was only 50 hectares, and now it has reached 500 hectares. The local hopes that the planting area will reach 2,000 hectares within one or two years.
   Columbia’s unique sudden and climatic conditions allow it to produce fruit all year round. Locally produced fruits can fill the production period between the northern and southern hemispheres. In addition, the highest altitude for growing Colombian blueberries is between 2600-3000 meters, which allows Colombian blueberries to have a higher sweetness. The advantages of Colombian blueberries are attracting investment from Chilean and North American companies.