Chuzhou City Market Supervision Bureau vigorously pays close attention to food safety and strives to achieve a good start in the first quarter
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   In the first quarter of 2021, Chuzhou City Market Supervision Bureau focused on moving forward and lowering its focus, focusing on the front line of food production and operation and the concerns of the masses, focusing on the”holiday closure” of food safety, and striving to achieve a”good start”.
  1. Strengthen organizational leadership, tighten and compact responsibilities
  Implement territorial management responsibilities, and encourage the county (city, district) market supervision bureaus to formulate work plans for strengthening food safety supervision during the Spring Festival and the”Two Sessions”, implement the supervision responsibility system and the accountability system, and ensure that the responsibility is passed from level to level. The main leaders personally grasp the responsibility, and the leaders in charge come to the front line to effectively strengthen the leadership, make overall arrangements, careful deployment, and detailed division of labor to ensure that the responsibilities, measures, and implementation are in place.
   2. Focus on key areas and strictly prevent and control risks
   Carry out special supervision and sampling inspections on New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, focusing on the people’s”two festivals” period of the”two festivals” period of large consumption, high attention, high risk of dairy products, meat products, processed food products, beverages and edible agricultural products and other key varieties, A total of 200 batches were sampled, and all of them passed the inspection. Carry out special rectification of alcohol production enterprises in the city, random unannounced visits and inspections of special food operations, food safety inspections on campus and surrounding areas, edible agricultural products market inspections, and rural food safety inspections. Ordered the rectification of 81 hidden dangers. Strengthen the supervision of catering services, strictly control large-scale gatherings and the number of people at dinner, advocate reducing gatherings, promote public chopsticks and spoons, eliminate catering waste, and promote civilized dining.

  3. Pay close attention to key links and implement normalized epidemic prevention and control
   Strengthen the supervision of cold chain food, start the construction of a 600 square meter centralized supervision warehouse for imported cold chain food at the city level, and establish 833 cold storage accounts, involving 1024 employees. Strengthen the management of import cold chain food registration. As of the end of March, 112 units in the city have reported a total of 613 cases, and 1.76 million kilograms of imported cold chain food have been reported. Strictly implement the”Four Nos” management system for imported cold chain food, organize 2 emergency drills for the disposal of imported cold chain food, successively verify 111 cross-provincial abnormal transaction information, and urgently deal with problematic imported cold chain food 8 times.
  4. Improve law enforcement capabilities and strengthen linkage and collaboration
   made a heavy strike to crack down on food safety violations. In the first quarter, the city investigated and dealt with 624 food safety cases with a value of 350,000 yuan and fines of 2.29 million yuan. In-depth joint food safety law enforcement, combined with the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau to carry out a special action to ban fisheries and”break the chain”, conduct surprise inspections on the urban Huimin farmer’s market, traffic road vegetable farms, and a number of catering companies, and work together to cut off illegal activities Transaction chain. The Municipal Education and Sports Bureau and the Municipal Health and Health Commission set up a joint work team to conduct school food safety inspections in various counties and cities, inspected more than 50 school canteens and group meal distribution companies, and found and ordered more than 200 hidden dangers to be rectified.