China Wine Digital Research Institute established, leading companies to join hands to strengthen and expand the industry
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  The digital age is surging, how can traditional industries seize the opportunity? On April 9, at the opening ceremony of the China Wine Pavilion at the 16th China International Wine Industry Expo, the China Wine Digital Research Institute was established. Changyu, COFCO Great Wall, Weilong, Dynasty, Sino-Portuguese, and Moutai wines joined the institute as the first batch of wine companies.
   Zhang Chonghe, President of China National Light Industry Council, Wang Qi, Executive Chairman of China Wine Industry Association, Du Tonghe, Secretary General of China National Light Industry Council, Sun Jian, General Manager of Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co., Ltd., Deputy of COFCO Great Wall Wine Co., Ltd. Liu Xin, General Manager, Jiao Furun, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Weilong Wine Co., Ltd., Liu Jun, General Manager of the Sales Company of Sino-French Joint Venture Dynasty Grape Wine Co., Ltd., Su Bin, Chairman of Xinjiang CITIC Guoan Grape Wine Co., Ltd., and Kweichow Moutai Winery (Group) Changli Situ Dajun, Chairman of Wine Industry Co., Ltd., Fan Xuemei, General Manager, and Li Xiuran, General Manager of Tencent Smart Retail Business attended the inauguration ceremony.
  ”This is China’s first digital research institute established in the global wine industry.” At the inauguration ceremony, General Manager Sun Jian stated that the day before the wine expo, under the organization of the China Wine Industry Association, Changyu, Executives from COFCO Great Wall, Veyron, Dynasty, Sino-Portuguese, Moutai Wines and other companies jointly held a preparatory meeting for the establishment of the China Wine Digital Research Institute. All parties reached a high degree of consensus:Although last year was the most difficult year for the wine industry, its volume, The profitability is a bit far away from the liquor industry and the beer industry. Even the rice wine industry has surpassed wine, but wine has opportunities because the digital age has arrived. How to quickly catch up in this era, the China Wine Digital Research Institute came into being.
  The establishment of the China Wine Digital Research Institute aims to promote China to become the foremost country in the application of blockchain technology in the global wine industry. At the same time, through big data to guide the sensory design of Chinese wine, packaging research and development, advertising and marketing, marketing, consumption habits training and wine culture promotion, the relevant data reports issued by the research institute will become the indicator of the development of the industry, allowing Chinese wine to become digitalized. Blessing, speed up development with higher efficiency, and enhance global influence.
   In October 2020, Changyu and Tencent jointly developed and launched the first blockchain platform in the Chinese wine industry. The National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Wine, Liquor, and Liquor Products has become one of the nodes of the Changyu blockchain platform. Third-party certification of data on the chain of Changyu products. As of April 9, Changyu had 47.6 million bottles of wine traceable information on the chain.
  The charm of the blockchain platform is that the more companies and nodes participate, the stronger the credibility and the greater the influence. As a member of the industry, Changyu invites its sister companies to use the blockchain platform together for free to promote more Chinese wine products to achieve anti-counterfeiting and traceability functions, so that more consumers can trust and fall in love with Chinese wines.
  ”The establishment of the China Wine Digital Research Institute not only enhances the influence of domestic wine in the minds of consumers, but also allows consumers to enjoy faster, better, and more convenient digital retail services.” President Li Xiuran The manager said at the scene that the epidemic last year had a greater impact on the retail industry, but he was pleased to see that the GMV (total merchandise transaction) transaction volume based on Tencent’s micro-ecological merchant private domain traffic exceeded 800 billion yuan in 2019. The 100%annual growth shows that the wave of digital marketing in China has arrived.
   On the same day, the preparation of the National Pavilion of China Wine also announced its official opening. According to the plan, the China Wine Digital Research Institute is located in the China Wine National Pavilion.
   On October 10, 2020, the China Wine Industry Association gave Changyu the”Approval on the Construction and Operation of the National Wine Pavilion of China”:The National Wine Pavilion of China was led by the China Wine Industry Association as the organizer, and Changyu was responsible for the specific construction as the contractor And operational work.
  In the center of Yantai Changyu Greentown Wine Town, the construction area of ​​the China Wine National Pavilion is expected to reach 10,000 square meters.
  The National Wine Pavilion of China adheres to the core concept of”Chinese terroir, world quality”, and will focus on the historical evolution of Chinese wine, terroir and culture, major events in the history of Chinese wine development, and the popularization of wine and brandy culture, advocating Chinese people Drink Chinese wine. The museum will focus on immersive experience, focusing on interaction with visitors. The National Wine Pavilion of China will set up exhibition halls of representative wine companies in the United Nations to showcase the style of major wine companies in various producing regions in China, and is committed to building a world-class Chinese wine culture education and dissemination position.
  ”As the undertaking unit, Changyu must work hard to complete these two major projects.” Faced with the full trust from the China Wine Industry Association and the industry brothers, Sun Jian stated:”I hope to be under the leadership of the China Wine Industry Association. , Changyu, together with industry colleagues, will work together to overcome the difficulties and make the Chinese wine industry stronger and bigger!”