China lifts import restrictions on guadol shrimp supplier Songa
By: Date: 2021-04-05 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: ,
   News from Intrafish on March 29 that China lifted its import restrictions on Ecuadorian shrimp supplier Songa. China implemented the ban after white spot disease was found in a shipment in January.

   Carlos Larrea, Ecuador’s ambassador to Beijing, stated that before the lifting of the ban, the two sides actively exchanged technical information, paving the way for diplomatic negotiations. Ecuador has strengthened every biosecurity measure to build trust and guarantee the ultimate consumer To ensure that the health of Ecuadorian shrimp must reach the table safely.
   In recent months, due to the restrictions of the new crown epidemic, Chinese port customs clearance has been delayed, and Ecuadorian shrimp exports have decreased. After two consecutive months of decline, Ecuadorian shrimp exports to China rebounded in February, which indicates For exporters who have experienced volatility in the past 10 months, better days will be ushered in.