China Food Institute won the international leading achievement in the innovative application of high-quality brewing raw materials
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   On March 26th, China Food and Fermentation Industry Research Institute, Jin Brand Co., Ltd., and Wuhan Fenjin Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd. jointly completed the”Study on high-quality brewing raw materials of Xiaoqu Qingxiang liquor and its innovative application in automated brewing” scientific and technological achievements appraisal It will be held in Beijing. The jury of this appraisal meeting is composed of seven experts including Yue Guojun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Song Shuyu, chairman of the Chinese Wine Industry Association, and Bai Fengyan, a researcher at the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
   At the meeting, Liu Yuancai, Vice President of Jinpai Co., Ltd., and Yang Shengzhi, Director of Brewing Technology Department, respectively made work and technical reports on the content of the project. Dr. Wang Deliang, Director of Winery Department of the Food Institute, answered the experts’ identification of sorghum varieties and purity testing methods and practical applications. The series of questions raised in. After listening to the report, the experts at the meeting revealed the main reasons for the difference in flavor between glutinous sorghum and japonica sorghum brewing Xiaoqu fragrant liquor, the first established method for identification and detection of glutinous sorghum varieties, and the high-quality glutinous sorghum as raw materials for Xiaoqu fragrant liquor. The research results of the new automatic wine production line for liquor were evaluated on site. This innovative achievement has been unanimously certified by experts, and the overall project has reached an international lead.
  ”Food is the meat of wine”. Grain is an important factor that directly affects the quality of wine. The optimization and application of raw materials can help improve the quality of wine. The Food Institute uses molecular biology technology to establish methods for identification and purity detection of brewing raw materials, ensuring the authenticity of brewing raw materials, realizing source control of brewing raw materials, and providing a powerful technical guarantee for promoting industry progress and helping product quality upgrades.