China and Russia discuss system integration issues in the field of veterinary supervision
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Food Partner Network News News from the Russian Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision Service on March 31:The Russian Federal Veterinary Plant Service and the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China hold video negotiations on the integration of systems in the field of veterinary supervision between the two countries , Russian business representatives in China attended the meeting.

The two sides have focused discussions on the issue of veterinary certificates attached to Russian products exported to China, and the possibility of integrating information systems in the veterinary supervision field of the two countries to realize the use of electronic veterinary certificates in bilateral trade.
The Russian side stated that it will use the eCert section of the Vetls system to compile veterinary certificate documents for export to China. The Chinese side can query the authenticity of the relevant documents by entering the certificate number and issuance date. The Chinese side hopes that the Russian side will provide the English use of the query system guide.
The Chinese side stated that the Russian side can also visit the system platform in the field of Chinese veterinary supervision to verify the authenticity of the veterinary certificate of China’s export products to Russia. The technology platform has been updated.
In addition, officials of the Russian Federal Veterinary Plant Service also provided China with a new format for the revised veterinary certificate format:adding a QR code can achieve the purpose of scanning the code to identify the authenticity.
Finally, the two parties negotiated on the integration of system information platforms in the veterinary supervision field of the two countries and reached an agreement on the development of an information platform integration plan.