Chilean cherries exports hit a record high, a year-on-year increase of 54.3%
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According to information provided by Ronald Bown Fernández, chairman of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX), Chilean cherries will be exported to 352,783 tons in the 2020/21 season. Ronald pointed out that “the industry has experienced the most complicated production season in the past 10 years”, despite this, Chilean cherries exports have achieved a year-on-year growth of 54.3%.

  In the 2020/21 production season that just ended, the main destination of Chilean cherries was the Far East, which accounted for 94.9%of the total shipments. China is still the main market for Chilean cherries in Asia and even the world. The export of cherries to China reached 321,505 tons, accounting for about 91%of the total export volume. About 1.8%of Chilean cherries are shipped to the United States, 1.5%are shipped to Latin America, and 1.3%are shipped to Europe.
   Ronald said that the incident of”cherry nucleic acid test positive” in the Chinese market has had a great negative impact on the sales and consumption of cherries. However, through a series of promotional activities by the Chilean Cherry Committee and the Chilean Department of Commerce (ProChile), Chilean cherries reversed the situation. Although the promotion activities have restored consumer enthusiasm to a certain extent, the price of cherries has not reached the level of the previous seasons.
  Cristián Tagle, Chairman of the Cherry Committee, also mentioned:“Preliminary results show that promotion and promotional activities help restore consumption levels, but the prices are much lower than the previous season.” At the same time, Tagle He also added, “This season allows us to verify that the Chinese market can undergo tremendous changes in a short period of time. For many years, we have been working hand in hand with MinAgri (Chile Ministry of Agriculture) and SAG (Chile Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Agency) to improve Chilean cherries. Access conditions to open new markets. For example, the Vietnamese market was opened to Chilean cherries in October 2020. In the past five production seasons, we have been working hard to open up new markets, such as the United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, and Indonesia. And China Taiwan. Now, sales promotion activities are also concentrated in the United States, Brazil, South Korea, India, Vietnam and Thailand. Through market research, we can better understand how to make Chilean cherries reach different market destinations.”
   2020/21 season, Chilean cherries are being promoted in India for the first time
   Regarding the performance of different markets, Tagle commented:“During 2020-2021, we have launched promotional activities in the United States, Brazil, South Korea, India, Vietnam and Thailand, and our export volume has increased by 35%from 11,700 tons. Increased to 15,700 tons. Among them, South Korea’s market has grown significantly, with exports to South Korea increasing by more than 70%year-on-year, exceeding 5,500 tons.”
  In view of the challenges and experience faced in the 2020/21 season, the Cherry Committee is studying and implementing a mid-term strategy to ensure a better performance in the 2020/22 season and in the future. The strategy of the Cherry Committee mainly focuses on the following four points:safeguarding food safety; exploring new markets and achieving market diversification; deepening the Chinese market; and unity within the industry. The chairman of the Cherry Committee, Tagel pointed out that unity within the industry is the key to the implementation of the first three strategies, and unity must be the foundation of all the work of the committee. Tagle also called on more companies and industry participants to join the committee. He emphasized:”The Chilean cherries industry must operate as a big industry. All export companies should unite to defend food safety and implement every strategy of the committee. Therefore, I invite more industry participants to join the committee. And become part of this new process.”