Chile intends to formulate import hygiene requirements for collagen and other products for human consumption
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   On April 5, 2021, the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (SAG) issued Consultation Document No. 8 of 2021, which intends to formulate import hygiene requirements for collagen, hydrolyzed protein, gelatin and other products for human consumption. The main contents include:

  1. Product scope and definition;
  2. The requirements for the exporting country of the product should be the waste bovine spongiform encephalopathy endemic country specified by OIE;
  3. Requirements for source animals and animal raw materials;
  4. Product production process technology regulations, including hydrolysis temperature, time, pH, and substances that are allowed to be added and prohibited during processing, etc.;
  5. Requirements for packaging, storage and transportation of export products;
  6. Regulations on the information and content of the export veterinary health certificate.
  The feedback period for the consultation document is until June 7, 2021.