Chifeng City Market Supervision Bureau launches a special action of”banning arrests in the Yangtze River, breaking the chain of illegal activities”
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   In order to implement the work requirements of the State Administration for Market Regulation and the Autonomous Region’s Market Supervision Bureau for combating the sale of illegally caught fish in the Yangtze River Basin, we fully understand the significance of the state’s”10-year ban on fishing” policy in the Yangtze River Basin. Recently, the Chifeng City Market Supervision Bureau launched a special action of”banning catching and breaking the chain of the Yangtze River”. Cut off the market sales chain of illegally caught fish in the Yangtze River Basin, regulate market order, and purify the market environment.
   Faced with the current situation where the focus of the Yangtze River’s fishing ban has shifted from retreat and ban on fishing to ban on fishing and sale, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau stated that “the production enterprise has no processing, no online or offline sales, no supply from catering units, and all links”No advertisement” is the goal, strictly in accordance with the”eight prohibitions” requirements of the State Administration of Market Supervision, strengthen the”five measures”, and firmly adhere to the”Yangtze River ban on fishing” market supervision line of defense.
   One is to strengthen the supervision of catering service units. Focus on catering units and canteens that use a lot of aquatic products and their products, supervise the strict control of food materials, strengthen the management of requesting certificates and tickets, and shall not operate illegally caught fish in prohibited waters, and shall not operate precious and endangered products. Aquatic wild animals or their products, aquatic wild animals or their products without traceability certificates and unknown sources; it is strictly forbidden to sell”Yangtze River Wild Fish”,”Yangtze River Wild River Fresh” and other related dishes.
   The second is to strengthen market inspections in market circulation. Strict market access, intensify the investigation of wild aquatic product sales in agricultural batches, farm trade, supermarkets and other places, and urge business households to fulfill their main responsibilities; intensify inspections of aquatic products and their product manufacturers and small workshops, and urge enterprises Strictly check the incoming goods to prevent aquatic products and products of unknown origin from being mixed into the production process. It is strictly forbidden to purchase, sell and process illegally caught fish from the prohibited waters; it is strictly forbidden to mark aquatic products with the words”Yangtze River Wild Fish” and”Yangtze River Wild River Fresh”.
   The third is to strengthen the supervision of online sales. E-commerce platforms are strictly prohibited from selling illegally caught fish in the Yangtze River basin, and e-commerce platforms are urged to include the prohibited and restricted catalogues in the platform’s prohibited merchandise service list and prohibited word database; timely delete (block) and terminate the platform for information on illegal and regulatory violations discovered through monitoring Services and other measures shall be dealt with in a timely manner that may involve illegal acts of offline entities.
  Fourth is to strengthen advertising monitoring. It is strictly forbidden to publish illegal and illegal advertisements and shop recruitment related to fishing, sale, purchase, transportation, transfer, processing, and consumption of illegally caught fish in the Yangtze River Basin, and immediately check and deal with relevant illegal advertisements and shop recruitments found during monitoring. Strictly investigate and deal with cases where operators use”wild Yangtze River fish” and”wild Jiangxian” as gimmicks to conduct false propaganda and deceive and mislead consumers.
   The fifth is to strengthen public opinion and guidance. Jointly expose typical cases in a timely manner to effectively combat and deter illegal activities and purify market order. At the same time, actively promote the Yangtze River’s fishing ban policy, advocate no catching, no selling, no buying, no eating, and raising public awareness of the protection of the Yangtze River’s ecological environment.
   The Market Supervision Bureau will further highlight the problem orientation, seize key links, increase law enforcement, go all out, perform its duties, and ensure the implementation of the”10-year ban on fishing in the Yangtze River”. At the same time, we call on consumers to love the”Mother River” of the Yangtze River, consciously resist the”game” of the Yangtze River, and consume it in a civilized and rational manner. If any clues to relevant illegal activities are found, they can call 12315 to report, and the market supervision department will seriously investigate and deal with it in accordance with laws and regulations.