Chaoyang Customs, affiliated to Shantou Customs, assists the export of specialty agricultural and sideline products overseas
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“This year’s export orders have achieved growth against the trend!” Zheng Bangkui, the person in charge of the Dongnei agricultural and sideline products processing plant in Chaoyang District, Shantou City, said happily. Since this year, the company has passed the inspection and supervision of sweet potato flour, dried seaweed and other farmers by Chaoyang Customs under Shantou Customs. Exports of by-products increased by more than 30%year-on-year.

  ”Since this year, Chaoyang Customs has strengthened policy publicity for the company, implemented preferential customs clearance measures, and guided us to make full use of the policy dividends.” According to Zheng Bangkui, the customs takes the initiative to provide services and assign business backbones to guide enterprises to improve quality management System, do a good job in supplier evaluation, raw material inspection and acceptance, improve the quality control level of processing and packaging, improve product storage management in a targeted manner, and ensure that exported agricultural and sideline products meet the relevant hygiene and quality requirements of the importing country (region), and continue to improve Export product quality and expand export markets.
  ”While strengthening daily supervision and focusing on source management, we have set up a priority window for export of agricultural and sideline products, and speeded up the sampling of goods for inspection and document review and release. For goods that only require on-site inspection, they are loaded at the factory’s export. The factory inspection is carried out at the same time, which further saves the time cost of the enterprise and improves the logistics efficiency.” According to Zheng Runtao, the chief of the inspection section of Chaoyang Customs, the customs has greatly improved the inspection efficiency in view of the characteristics of the export trade of agricultural and sideline products, and realized the” Inspection” to ensure “zero barriers” to the export of agricultural products.