Changzhi City fully implements special rectification of rural food safety
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  In response to the outstanding problems of the city’s rural food safety, in order to ensure the food safety of the masses in rural areas, Changzhi City will carry out a one-month special rectification action on rural food safety from April 1st to continue to improve the city The rural food safety production and operation environment will improve the overall level of rural food safety.
   This special rectification focuses on urban-rural junctions, towns, villages, and rural temple fairs, and focuses on dairy products, meat and meat products, bulk food, alcohol,”five cents” food, health food, and consumer complaints and reports As the key varieties, we will focus on selling expired and spoiled foods, changing the production date or batch number, mold and rotten insects, and “three no” foods. We will strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers, increase the intensity of case investigation, and deal with violations of laws and regulations found during inspections. Resolutely investigate and deal with them with a”zero tolerance” attitude.
   The notice requires that the market supervision departments at all levels in the city should improve their political positions, closely integrate this special rectification with the”I do practical things for the masses” practical activities carried out by party history learning and education, and strictly implement food safety for food operators The main responsibility is to standardize the order of the rural food market, ensure food safety in rural areas, and continuously improve the sense of acquisition, happiness, and security of rural residents.