Changsha City Market Supervision Administration held a work meeting on food safety supervision of community group buying platforms
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   In order to further improve the food safety awareness of community group buying platforms and implement the main responsibility for food safety, on April 8, 2021, the Changsha Municipal Market Supervision Bureau held a community group buying platform food safety supervision work conference. Chen Mingnan, member of the party group and deputy director of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, attended and delivered a speech. The leaders of the district and county (city) market supervision bureaus, the directors of some market supervision offices and the Prosperity Optimal, Meituan Optimal, Shihui Group, Orange Heart Optimal, and Duoduobu , Tongcheng Life, Hema Bazaar, Aunt Qian and other community group buying platforms and food safety administrators attended the meeting.
   At the meeting, the person in charge of the platform introduced the company’s operations and the implementation of the main responsibility for food safety; the district and county (city) market supervision bureaus reported on the supervision work and existing difficulties and suggestions; the municipal market supervision bureau notified Changsha in 2020 The quality and safety status of food (edible agricultural products) in the city and the complaints and reports on various platforms in the past year.
   The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will make overall arrangements to carry out sampling inspections of the central warehouses and grid warehouses of the community group buying platform for fresh foods with high consumer demand, frequent problems in the region, and high risks, and timely publicize the random inspections to the society result. At the same time, as the case may be, representatives of the National People’s Congress, CPPCC members and news media are invited to conduct interactive activities such as comments on various platforms and fresh products sold.
  Chen Mingnan pointed out that”community group buying” has rapidly emerged as a convenient and fast service, but this”point-to-point” service consumption model is currently a weak area of ​​market supervision. While exploring more efficient supervision methods, the regulatory authorities must ensure the healthy development of”community group buying” on the one hand; on the other hand, they must urge the platform to strengthen system construction, implement main responsibilities, deepen cooperation and co-governance, and make”community group buying” a consumer The”reassured group buying” that the readers look forward to.