Changsha City comprehensively promotes the work of “training first and then post” for sampling inspection of food and drugs
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   On April 13, the Changsha Municipal Market Supervision Bureau adopted the method of”concentrated lectures, expert interpretation, answering questions, discussing and communicating” and in the form of conference training, organized the city’s system leaders in charge of food and drug sampling work. More than 110 persons in charge of the department, as well as the person in charge of the inspection agency in the system, the business backbone and all the staff of the sampling inspection secretariat have conducted business training, and comprehensively promoted the”training before the post” work. The leaders of the branch administration bureau of the municipal bureau attended and delivered speeches, and the heads of relevant business divisions of the provincial bureaus attended the scene to guide and teach.
  This training summarized and analyzed the situation of the city’s food and drug sampling inspections in 2020, arranged and deployed food and drug sampling tasks in 2021, and focused on the interpretation of the”Key Points of Food and Drug Sampling Inspection in 2021″ and”Relevant Regulations on the Evaluation of Inspection Institutions””Regulations for Disposal of Substandard Food” and other regulatory requirements.
   The training pointed out that this year is the year when Changsha vigorously implements the”three highs and four new” strategy and strives to build a modern new Changsha. It is a critical year to welcome the establishment of a national food safety demonstration city. The city’s system must always adhere to the problem Guide, firmly establish the bottom line thinking, focus on strengthening risk awareness, and pay close attention to the food and drug sampling work. One is to deepen understanding. Adhere to the people-centered approach, resolutely implement the”four strictest” requirements, make precise and targeted attacks, and give full play to the technical support role of inspection and testing in assisting food and drug safety supervision. The second is to grasp the key. Intensify the supervision of inspection agencies, make full use of data comparison, blind sample tests, regular assessments, skill competitions, follow-up supervision, etc., to comprehensively improve the inspection and testing capabilities of inspection agencies to ensure the authenticity, reliability and validity of inspection results And scientific. The third is to refine the measures. Strictly check and deal with”five in place” and”eight do not let go.” Resolutely ensure that product control is in place, source traceability is in place, cause investigation is in place, administrative punishment is in place, review and rectification, and information disclosure is in place; not let go of a recall that is not thorough, if the cause of the problem is not identified, and rectification measures are not implemented. If the relevant responsible person has not dealt with it, it will not let it go, the illegal facts will not be found out, the illegal act will not be let go if it is not punished, the unqualified food will not be let go without the traceability, and the enterprise will not let it go without education. (Contribution:Changsha Market Supervision Bureau)