Changdejin City Market Supervision Bureau launches a special inspection of food safety in campus and surrounding catering service units
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   In order to strengthen the food safety supervision of school canteens and surrounding campuses, and fully guarantee the food safety of teachers and students in school, Changdejin City Market Supervision Bureau has recently conducted in-depth special inspections of food safety in campus canteens and surrounding catering units to strengthen campus food safety Line of defense.
   Strengthen the sense of responsibility. Fully promote the implementation of the main responsibility for food safety in school canteens, catering units around the school, and food delivery and distribution units for schools, improve the food safety awareness of relevant units, hold special work meetings, formulate work implementation plans, and clarify supervision priorities.
   Carry out law enforcement inspections. Law enforcement officers focus on inspecting the environmental hygiene of school canteens and catering service units around campuses, food business licenses and employees’ health certificates, implementation of food safety management systems, education and training of employees, inspection of food materials, request for certificates, and cleaning and disinfection of meal utensils , Food samples, standardized use of food additives, etc. At the same time, school canteens and surrounding catering units are required to do environmental disinfection, epidemic prevention of employees, and morning inspections. In response to the problems found in the inspection, the relevant units were ordered to make rectifications in place immediately according to law.
  Intensify supervision. Strengthen the supervision of the purchase of imported cold chain food in school canteens, and require all units to check the legal qualifications of the remaining suppliers, inspection and quarantine certificates of incoming goods, the same batch of new crown virus nucleic acid testing certificates and disinfection certificates to ensure the purchase of imported cold chain food raw materials Safe and reliable.
   In the next step, the Tianjin Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will continue to increase the food safety supervision of the campus and surrounding catering units, enhance the sense of responsibility of the school and surrounding food operators, detect and eliminate potential safety hazards in time, and ensure the protection of teachers and students. Eat safe.